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Volume 20

American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research

Volume 20, Issue No. 1 (2013)
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Creating a Culturally Appropriate Web-based Behavioral Intervention for American Indian/Alaska Native Women in Southern California: The Healthy Women Healthy Native Nation Study, 1-15
Jessica R. Gorman, PhD, MPH, John D. Clapp, PhD, MSW, Daniel Calac, MD, Chelsea Kolander, BS, Corinna Nyquist, RN, and Christina D. Chambers, PhD, MPH

A Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Depression in Rural American Indian Middle School Students, 16-34
Lori Listug-Lunde, PhD, Nancy Vogeltanz-Holm, PhD, and John Collins, PhD

Expanding Urban American Indian Youths' Repertoire of Drug Resistance Skills: Pilot Results from a Culturally Adapted Prevention Program, 35-54
Stephen Kulis, PhD, Patricia A. Dustman, EdD, Eddie F. Brown, DSW, and Marcos Martinez, MSW

Click here to listen to Dr. Kulis discuss the Living in 2 Worlds program and the study presented in this article!

Volume 20, Issue No. 2 (2013)

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​Usefulness of a Survey on Underage Drinking in a Rural American Indian Community Health Clinic, 1-26
David A. Gilder, MD, Juan A. Luna, BS, Jennifer Roberts, BS, RN, Daniel Calac, MD, Joel W. Grube, PhD, Roland S. Moore, PhD, and Cindy L. Ehlers, PhD

The Association of Resilience with Mental and Physical Health among Older American Indians: The Native Elder Care Study, 27-41
Marc B. Schure, PhD, Michelle Odden, PhD, and R. Turner Goins, PhD

Consistency in the Reporting of Sensitive Behaviors by Adolescent American Indian Women: A Comparison of Interviewing Methods, 42-51
Britta Mullany, PhD, MHS, Allison Barlow, MPH, MA, Nicole Neault, MPH, Trudy Billy, BS, Ranelda Hastings, BS, Valerie Coho-Mescal, Sherilyn Lorenzo, and John T. Walkup, MD

Volume 20, Issue No. 3 (2013)

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Menominee Perspectives on Commercial and Sacred Tobacco Use, 1-22
Leah M. Rouse Arndt, PhD, Mark Caskey, RN, Jodi Fossum, MA, Natasha Schmitt, MS, Amileah R. Davis, PhD, Stevens S. Smith, PhD, Benjamin Kenote, BS, Rick Strickland, MA, and Jerry Waukau, BA

Rates of Delay and Probability Discounting of Northern Plains American Indians Discounting Indian and Majority Culture-specific Outcomes, 23-41
Jeffrey N. Weatherly, PhD, J. Douglas McDonald, PhD, and Adam Derenne, PhD

The Role of Explanatory Style and Negative Life Events in Depression: A Cross-sectional Study with Youth from a North American Plains Reservation, 42-58
Inga Mileviciute, MS, John Trujillo, BA, Matthew Gray, PhD, and Walter D. Scott, PhD

Preferences for Mental Health Treatment Options among Alaska Native College Students, 59-78
Tracy J. Stewart, MS, Joshua K. Swift, PhD, Brittany N. Freitas-Murrell, MS,
and Jason L. Whipple, PhD, ABMP

Click here to hear coauthor Tracy Stewart discuss this study!

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