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Volume 2, 1988-1989, Issues 1-3

Volume 2, Issue No. 1 (1988)
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Editorial, 1-2
Spero M. Manson, PhD

Medical and Psychological Effects of the Threat of Compulsory Relocation for an American Indian Tribe, 3-20
Michael J. O'Sullivan, PhD, and Paul J. Handal, PhD   

The Primary Cost of Drug Abuse: What Indian Youth Pay for Drugs, 21-32
Geraldine Loretto, MA, Fred Beauvais, PhD, and Eugene Oetting, PhD
Mental Health and Alcohol Abuse Indicators in the Albuquerque Area of Indian Health Service: An Exploratory Chart Review, 33-46
Philip A. May, PhD

Special Commentary, 47-48
Grace Powless Sage, PhD

Volume 2, Issue No. 2 (1988)
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Editorial, 2-3, and Biosketch, 4
John K. Nagel, MD

Ghost Illness: A Cross-Cultural Experience with the Expression of a Non-Western Tradition in Clinical Practice, 6-26 
Robert W. Putsch, III, MD  

The Fears of Navajo Children: Adaptation or Pathology?, 27-31
doi: 10.5820/aian.0202.1988.27
Frank D. Tikalsky, EdD  

Unresolved Grief and Mourning in Navajo Women, 32-40
John K. Nagel, MD  

A Consideration of Constitutional Factors in Aggressivity, 41-57
Sydney G. Margolin, MD  

Special Commentary, 58-59
Edward R. Roybal

Volume 2, Issue No. 3 (1989)
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This special issue is a forum characterized by a principal article followed by critiques from the field, and closed with a rejoinder. It deals with the controversial Barrow Alcohol Study, which took place more than a decade ago. Dr. Edward Foulks provides a sensitive and detailed account of his view of this controversy, emphasizing some of the problems that ensued. Many leading scholars in the Indian/Native mental health field offer their reactions and perspectives on the study's ethical and procedural aspects. Although there are some who would prefer that it remain buried, this issue serves as a valuable reminder of these tensions and encourages us to continue to struggle against the commission of similar errors.

Editorial, 5-6
Spero M. Manson, PhD

Misalliances in the Barrow Alcohol Study, 7-17
Edward F. Foulks, MD  

Who Has the Responsibility? An Evolving Model to Resolve Ethical Problems in Intercultural Research, 18-24
Carolyn L. Attneave, PhD  

Limited Notions of Culture Ensure Research Failure, 25-28
Fred Beauvais, PhD 

Miscontinence and the Barrow Alcohol Study, 29-34
George M. Guilmet, PhD 

The Barrow Studies: An Alaskan's Perspective, 35-40 
Aron S. Wolf, MD
Research of Stigmatized Conditions: Dilemma for the Sociocultural Psychiatrist, 41-45 
doi: 10.5820/aian.0203.1989.41
Joseph Westermeyer, MD
Transcultural Research Run Amok or Arctic Hysteria?, 46-50 
James H. Shore, MD
A Community Systems Approach to Research Strategies, 51-57 
William Richards, MD 

Malfeasance and Foibles of the Research Sponsor, 58-63
Joseph E. Trimble, PhD
The Community as Informant or Collaborator?, 64-70
Gerald V. Mohatt, EdD
That was Yesterday, and (Hopefully) Yesterday is Gone, 71-74 
Philip A. May, PhD
Educating the Researchers, 75-76 
Carol Lujan, PhD  

Health and Social Science Research in the Arctic: Guidelines and Pitfalls, 77-81
Robert F. Kraus, MD
A Case Study of How Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings Can Negate Research, 82-87
doi: 10.5820/aian.0203.1989.82
Dwight B. Heath, PhD 
Rejoinder​, 88-90
William E. Foulks, MD​

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