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Volume 19

American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research

Volume 19, Issue​ No. 1 (2012)
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We Will be Known Forever by the Tracks we Leave: Rising up to Meet the Reproductive Health Needs of American Indian and Alaska Native Youth, i-x
Lori de Ravello, MPH, Scott Tulloch, BS, and Melanie Taylor, MD, MPH

Alaska Native and Rural Youth Views of Sexual Health: A Focus Group Project on Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS, and Unplanned Pregnancy, 1-14
Jessica D. Leston, MPH, Cornelia M. Jessen, MA, and Brenna C. Simons, PhD

BeLieving in Native Girls: Characteristics from a Baseline Assessment, 15-36
Deborah Scott, MPH, and Aleisha Langhorne, MPH, MHSA

American Indian Adolescent Girls: Vulnerability to Sex Trafficking, Intervention Strategies, 37-56
Alexandra (Sandi) Pierce, PhD

Pregnancy Prevention among American Indian Men ages 18 to 24: The Role of Mental Health and Intention to use Birth Control, 57-75
Elizabeth Rink, PhD, MSW, Kris FourStar, Jarrett Medicine Elk, BA, Rebecca Dick, MA, Lacey Jewett, BA, and Dionne Gesink, PhD

Tribal Recommendations for Designing Culturally Appropriate Technology-based Sexual Health Interventions Targeting Native Youth in the Pacific Northwest, 76-101
Stephanie Craig Rushing, PhD, MPH, and David Stephens, BA

Photovoice for Healthy Relationships: Community-based Participatory HIV Prevention in a Rural American Indian Community,102-123
Susan F. Markus, MS, LPC

Tools for Iina (Life): The Journey of the Iina Curriculum to the Glittering World, 124-139
Vivian Arviso, MA, Dorinda Welle,
PhD, GloJean Todacheene, MA, Janet Slowman Chee, PhD, Gloria Hale-Showalter, MA Ed, Shirley Waterhouse, and Susie John, MD, MPH

Circle of Life HIV/AIDS-prevention Intervention for American Indian and Alaska Native Youth, 140-153
Carol E. Kaufman, PhD, Anne Litchfield, BA, Edwin Schupman, MM, and Christina M. Mitchell, PhD

Community-based Participatory Research to Improve Preconception Health among Northern Plains American Indian Adolescent Women, 154-185
Jennifer Richards, MPH, and Alicia Mousseau, MS

Volume 19, Issue​ No. 2 (2012)
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Resilience among Urban American Indian Adolescents: Exploration into the Role of Culture, Self-esteem, Subjective Well-being, and Social Support, 1-19
Glenna Stumblingbear-Riddle, PhD, and John S. C. Romans, PhD

The Power of Protection: A Population-based Comparison of Native and Non-Native Youth Suicide Attempters, 20-54
Juliette Mackin, PhD, Tamara Perkins, PhD, and Carrie Furrer, PhD

Click here to view a video from a recent Oregon 9 Tribes suicide prevention camp.  We thank the participants for sharing this important information!

Click here to hear an audio clip from Dr. Juliette Mackin, one of the authors of "The Power of Protection."

Does a Culturally Sensitive Smoking Prevention Program Reduce Smoking Intentions among Aboriginal Children? A Pilot Study, 55-63

Daniel W. McKennitt, MD, and Cheryl L. Currie, PhD

Click here to hear an audio clip from Dr. Daniel W. McKennitt, one of the authors of "Does a Culturally Sensitive Smoking Prevention Program Reduce Smoking Intentions among Aboriginal Children?"


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