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Project Showcase

2012 Community Health Advocates

Leo Eagle Bull
  • Leo’s story reveals his personal journey and how it inspired his work with the Carole Anne Heart Cancer Coalition, which provides resources to individuals with cancer and their loved ones.
  • Technical Project:
Deidra Honyumptewa
  • Deidra’s story describes the program in which she is involved—HOPI Cancer Support Services—and its important efforts to raise awareness about cancer prevention and treatment.
  • Technical Project:
Melissa Hemmestad
  • Melissa’s story describes her work at South Dakota Urban Indian Health (SDUIH), and how SDUIH can assist people who are recovering from trauma.
  • Technical Project: 

Stacia Nissen
  • Stacia’s story describes her work at South Dakota Urban Indian Health (SDUIH), particularly in the important area of behavioral health integration.  The story also describes other services provided by SDUIH.
  • Technical Project:
Additional Story
Walleen Whitson
  • This story was made by Walleen Whitson of the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) and was shared at the SDPI Coordinating Center meeting in Denver, CO in September 2012.  Although it was not made at an NTOTAP workshop, it is a great example of how digital storytelling can highlight an inspiring story!
  • Technical Project (Digital Story): 


2011 Community Health Advocates 

Carmella Kahn-Thornbrugh
  • Health Topic: Community gardening, Native foods, nutrition.  Provides information about GROW Native, a community gardening project in Tucson, AZ.
  • Technical Project:
Fred Harden and Linae Bigfire
  • Health Topic: This story discusses prevention and treatment of diabetes in a local community and describes a local program, Ho-Chunk Hope: A Diabetes Free Future. The story mentions the benefits of the program and why community members should consider getting tested for diabetes.
  • Technical Project:
Sheri Blumberg - The TEARS foundation
  • Health Topic: This story describes how using traditional cradleboards can reduce infant mortality, as well as provide additional benefits to mothers and babies.
  • Technical Project: 
Brenda Geer
  • Health Topic: This story is about cancer education, prevention, and treatment. The storyteller draws on knowledge from her own life, describing family and friends who have experienced cancer.
  • Technical Project: ​​

2010 Community Health Advocates

Jacob Davis (National Resource Center on Native American Aging)
  • Health Topic: This digital story describes Jacob's grandmother’s experiences with relocation and her efforts to get an education.  The story intended to be part of a series on elders who are heroes in the community.
  • Technical Project (Digital Story): 
Angelina Renteria (Indian Health Council, Inc.) and Wendy Schlater
  • Health Topic: Mental health disorders.  Provides information about what mental health disorders are, who can be affected, and how to recover.
  • Technical Project: Website (no longer active)

Jenny Serpa (Urban Indian Health Institute)
  • Health Topic: Breast and cervical cancer screening.  The WEAVING Project provides technical assistance to Urban Indian Health Organizations seeking to increase the number of women being screened.
  • Technical Project: Website (no longer active)

2009 Community Health Advocates 

Jody DeVault
  • Health Topic: This digital story describes how one member of the community has taken control of his diabetes and his health.
  • Technical Project (Digital Story): 
Rethania Yazzie
  • Health Topic:  This digital story describes the Youth In Action program, and the positive impact it has on the lives of local high school students.
  • Technical Project (Digital Story):
Agnes Attakai
  • Health Topic: Journey to Cancer Awareness. Provides information about cancer that is useful to both health educators and community members.
  • Technical Project: Website (no longer active)
CeCe Big Crow
  • Health Topic: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Provides information about how alcohol affects unborn babies and encourages pregnant women to make healthy choices. The site is targeted to young first-time Lakota mothers who live on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, but can also be helpful to others.
  • Technical Project: Website (no longer active)
Brenda Lytel
  • Health Topic: A guide to prenatal care for American Indian and Alaska Natives (focuses on The Seneca Nation)
  • Technical Project: 
Tinka Duran
  • Health Topic: Human papillomavirus (HPV) information and prevention among American Indian and Alaska Native youth populations.
  • Technical Project: 

2008 Community Health Advocates 

Sean Contreras
  • Health Topic: Native diets
  • Technical Project:
Tvhokne Harjo
  • Health Topic: Culturally appropriate tobacco use
  • Technical Project: Website (no longer active)

2007 Community Health Advocates 

Stephanie Bolman
  • Health Topic: Native American Cancer Issues; Raising Awareness, Reducing Fears
  • Technical Project:
Alicia Mousseau
  • Health Topic: Diabetes prevention, nutrition, and exercise
  • Technical Project: Website (no longer active)
Marsha Whiting
  • Health Topic: Web site for urban American Indian youth
  • Technical Project: Website (no longer active)

2006 Community Healthy Advocates 

Jessica Bordeaux
  • Health Topic: Teen Pregnancy Prevention – Contraception Awareness
  • Technical Project: Birth Control Methods for Women; Website (no longer active) and brochures on birth control methods distributed in clinics, hospitals, possibly in nurses office at schools.
Steve Gallion 
  • Health Topic: Benefits of physical exercise
  • Technical Project: Website (no longer active)
Nicole Haukaas
  • Health Topic: Hepatitis C video about the prevalence, symptoms, treatment and dangers of Hepatitis-C and the Native community
  • Technical Project:
Kendra LoneElk
  • Health Topic: Drug use prevention
  • Technical Project: Interactive CD-ROM with games and information geared to 4th-6th graders.  View the presentation.
Francine RedWillow
  • Health Topic: Obstacles to access in health care
  • Technical Project: An informational interactive CD-ROM for primary care providers in health care to illustrate how cultural,  psychosocial and economic considerations affect the delivery of healthcare and access to specialized health services. This will be done through case study of chronic illness such as diabetes, information on cultural protocols, and identifying some gaps in service. It will also provide a snapshot of who are the Native Americans.

Donna Randall
  • Health Topic: Behavior Management; Teacher's personal experiences with behavior management on the Pine Ridge reservation
  • Technical Project: 

Suzanne Schwendenman
  • Health Topic: Stress reduction techniques you can do at home
  • Technical Project:
Maile Taualii, MPH  
  • Health Topic:  Informatics
  • Technical Project: An instructional module on both CD-ROM and the web aimed at assisting staff of Urban Indian Health organizations successfully navigate the complicated world of health informatics and epidemiology.

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