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University of Colorado Denver

Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health

Improving Health Care Delivery Data Project

Proposed Data Infrastructure

  • Three consecutive years of data will be included in the data infrastructure for a purposeful sample of approximately 400,000 American Indians and Alaska Natives.
  •  Representation from each of the 12 IHS Areas:  Aberdeen, Alaska, Albuquerque, Bemidji, Billings, California, Nashville, Navajo, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Portland, and Tucson.
  • The CER data infrastructure will bring together four types of existing electronic information, currently stored in different computer systems:
            1. IHS National Data Warehouse and Tribal Health Program Databases:  Information on IHS and Tribal medical and pharmacy service utilization.
            2. Contract Health Service:  Utilization and cost data for services obtained at non-IHS providers yet paid for by IHS.
            3. Facility-specific Cost Reports:  Information on costs of operating IHS/Tribal hospitals and clinics.
            4. Procurement System Data:   Costs of prescribed medications.
  • The data will be used to examine relationships among health status, use of medical and pharmacy services, and treatment costs for American Indian and Alaska Natives with diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease. The findings will improve understanding of existing utilization patterns and resource allocation, and inform efforts to enhance service delivery and improve health outcomes. 
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