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University of Colorado Denver

Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health

Fresh Insights toward Health (FIT Health)


This project is designed to do several things. 

First, it will give us preliminary information on whether or not 2 approaches to decreasing risk for diabetes and heart disease work.  More specifically, we will test whether or not participants’ health gets better (as measured by BMI, blood pressure, blood lipids and glucose) if 1) they attend the Honoring the Gift of Heart Health curriculum and 2) if they get a Wii Fit Plus™.  This project is not designed to give a definitive answer to these questions but rather to allow us to understand whether or not there is sufficient evidence to do a bigger study to look at one or both tools.

Second, it will help us develop a data collection infrastructure for use in urban clinics and other settings.  While we have a lot of data collection experience at CAIANH—recently, much of it has been school-based or we’ve served as the coordinating center for the IHS, for example.

Third, we are using this opportunity to grow technologically.  For instance, we will download data from the Wii Fit Plus™, we are using ACASI methods for the survey, and electronic data collection technologies elsewhere in the study.

Fourth, we will test a conceptual model that will should allow for better theoretical understandings of the change in outcomes and behaviors that we encounter. 

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