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University of Colorado Denver


Center on Native Elder Health Disparities

Methods/Data Analysis Core

This Methods/Data Analysis Core is designed to do the following:

  1. Improve the overall design of the RPs and R01 research grant applications subsequently developed;
  2. Assist in selection of appropriate measures for operationalizing the key constructs relevant to these studies and research grant applications;
  3. Demonstrate strategies by which to accommodate cultural variation likely to affect the reliability and validity of said measures;
  4. Review all draft instrumentation for formatting and coding efficiency;
  5. Introduce state-of-the-art data collection procedures (e.g., structured protocols, computer-assisted methods) that minimize information, method, and interviewer sources of variation;
  6. Anticipate sensory limitations (e.g., visual and hearing impairments) among older adults that may require specialized data collection procedures;
  7. Ensure adequate consideration of options regarding sampling plans and their relative merits;
  8. Highlight personnel and policy issues that frequently arise in the course of fielding studies in AI/AN communities;
  9. Acquaint participants with analytic techniques that address the psychometric performance of study measures and that are appropriate to the questions to be asked of the data;
  10. Analyze data generated by the RPs as well as pursue related secondary analysis of existing data, the results of which may inform primary data collection; and
  11. Encourage attention to qualitative as well as quantitative research methods, their integration, and relative merit in explicating the phenomena studied.

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