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University of Colorado Denver

Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health

Center on Native Elder Health Disparities

Community Liaison Core

The Community Liaison Core does the following:

  1. Employs existing community partnerships to facilitate the planning, conduct, and dissemination of high quality research that holds promise for reducing the differential in health status and access to care that separate Native and non-Native elders;
  2. Transfers the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes to Native and non-Native investigators to enable them to build and maintain their own working relationships with the same or similar community partners;
  3. Brings community partners more fully into the process of selecting questions for study, of framing the nature of the research designs, of assisting with the identification and operationalization of key constructs, and of collecting the relevant data;
  4. Develops and improves mechanisms for disseminating the results of research at the interface of health, aging, and culture, so that there is greater likelihood of more immediate application for the benefit of the local populace; and
  5. Demonstrates that scientific merit, applicability of research, and subsequent advocacy are not mutually exclusive, but rather can be combined in a synergistic fashion that enhances the value of each.


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