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University of Colorado Denver

Pediatric Injury Prevention, Education and Research Program | PIPER

Students working with PIPER

One of PIPER’s goals is to train and assist professionals in public health practice applied to injury and violence prevention. As such, Colorado School of Public Health students are an integral part of the PIPER team. A number of students are employed in projects led by PIPER core faculty, and many others receive mentoring from PIPER faculty on their own projects.
Curent Student Employees
Roman Ayele, MPH, Research Assistant, PhD Student—Health Services Research
AyeleR.pngRoman Ayele works with Dr. Gregory Tung to understand the collaboration between the Nurse Family Partnership and Child Protective Services and factors mediating their relationship and goals.
Research interests: maternal and child health, access to care, healthcare utilization locally/globally
Vicka Chaplin, MA, Program Assistant, MPH Student—Community and Behavioral Health
ChaplinV.pngVicka Chaplin performs administrative and research support tasks for PIPER, including public communications, grants editing, and research assistance.
Research interests: interpersonal violence and suicide prevention, military populations
Suzuho Shimasaki, MPH, Research Assistant, DrPH Student—Community and Behavioral Health
ShimasakiS.pngSuzuho Shimasaki works with Children’s Hospital Colorado on a safe sleep study as well as a study of the Nurse Family Partnership’s role in the prevention of child abuse and neglect.
Research interests: racial equity, social justice, health equity
Norbert Soke, MD, MSPH, Research Assistant, PhD Student—Epidemiology
SokeN.pngDr. Norbert Soke works with Dr. Carolyn DiGuiseppi, leading a study comparing self-injurious behavior (SIB) in children with autism spectrum disorders to SIB in children with other neurodevelopmental disorders or typical development.
Research Interests: self-injurious behavior, autism spectrum disorder
Former Student Employees
Talia Brown, MS, Research Assistant, PhD Student—Epidemiology
BrownT.pngTalia Brown coordinated PIPER’s Harmonizing Child Injury Research project and works on program evaluations for the Community Epidemiology and Program Evaluation Group.
Research interests: firearm suicide prevention
Katherine Collins, Research Assistant, MPH Student—Community and Behavioral Health
CollinsK.pngKatherine Collins started at PIPER as Program Assistant and subsequently worked with Dr. Gregory Tung on the prevention of unintentional marijuana ingestion by children in Colorado.
Research interests: injury prevention, both intentional and unintentional, with an emphasis on youth
 Jodi Kay Duke, Research Assistant, PhD Student—Health Services Research
DukeJ.pngJodi Kay Duke worked with Dr. Gregory Tung to conduct a Health Impact Assessment on the prevention of unintentional marijuana ingestion by children in Colorado.
Research interests: strengthening and adopting health impact assessments in diverse settings
Curtis Harrod, MPH, Research Assistant, PhD Student—Epidemiology
HarrodC.pngCurtis Harrod worked with Dr. Carolyn DiGuiseppi to systematically review the evidence on primary suicide prevention programs and policies at universities and other post-secondary settings.
Research interests: suicide, prenatal exposures, and early childhood outcomes
Amy Klapheke, Research Assistant, MPH Student—Epidemiology
KlaphekeA.pngAmy Klapheke worked with Dr. Carol Runyan on the Harmonizing Child Injury Research Project to create a database of collection instruments from childhood and adolescent injury studies.
Research interests: public mental health, particularly as related to suicide and substance abuse
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