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Affiliated scholars

Affiliated scholars include researchers in the Denver area who share an interest in the prevention of injury and violence and collaborate on PIPER projects and events, including the Injury and Violence Research and Evaluation (IVRE) group. To join our community of scholars, email Sara Brandspigel at
Colorado School of Public Health
Sara Brandspigel, MPH, PIPER Program
Ashley Brooks-Russell, PhD, MPH, PIPER Program, Community & Behavioral Health
Talia Brown, MPH, PIPER Program, Epidemiology
Dawn Comstock, PhD, MS, PIPER Program, Epidemiology
Carolyn DiGuiseppi, MD, MPH, PhD, PIPER Program, Epidemiology
Robin Kimbrough-Melton, JD, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics, Community & Behavioral Health
Richard Lindrooth, PhD, Health Systems, Management & Policy
Jill Litt, PhD, Environmental & Occupational Health
Lee Newman, MD, MA, Environmental & Occupational Healt​h
Carol Runyan, PhD, MPH, PIPER Program, Epidemiology
Angela Sauaia, MD, PhD, Health Systems, Management & Policy
Natalie Schwatka, PhD, AEP, Center for Worker Health and Environment
Ken Scott, MPH, Epidemiology
Gregory Tung, PhD, PhD, PIPER Program, Health Systems, Management & Policy
Lorann Stallones, PhD, MPH, Epidemiology (Psychology, Colorado State University)
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Kathleen Adelgais, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Sarah Allexan, MD candidate 2016
Lalit Bajaj, MD, MPH, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Amy Becker, MD, Pediatric Psychiatry
William Betts, PhD, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Marian (Emmy) Betz, MD, MPH, PIPER Program, Emergency Medicine
Ingrid Binswanger, MD, MPH, PIPER Program, Internal Medicine
Michelle Brock, MD, Pediatric Pulmonology
Donald Bross, JD, PhD, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Katherine Casillas, PhD, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Antonia Chiesa, MD, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Jerry Clayton, PhD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Meghan Dahlin, MA, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Jeanne Dise-Lewis, PhD, Psychiatry, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Kathryn Emery, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Angele Fauchier, PhD, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
John Fluke, PhD, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Joseph Frank, MD, Internal Medicine, Health Services Research
Leah Garbe, BA, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Edward Garrido, MA, PhD, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Tim Givens, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Matthew Godleski, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Amanda Greene, MD, Pediatrics
Joseph Grubenhoff, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Ann Halbower, MD, Pediatric Pulmonology
Jason Hoppe, DO, Emergency Medicine
Bridget Jankovsky, MA, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Bernadette Johnson, MD, Pediatrics
Allison Kempe, MD, MPH, Pediatrics, Children's Outcomes Research Program
Morteza Khodaee, MD, MPH, Family Medicine
Sangwon Kim, MS, The Kempe Center (Visiting Scholar 2013-14)
Michael Kirkwood, PhD, Pediatric Neuropsychology
Roxanna Lefort, MD, MPH, Emergency Medicine
Terri Lewis, PhD, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Daniel Lindberg, MD, The Kempe Center, Emergency Medicine
Danielle Loeb, MD, Internal Medicine
Steve Lowenstein, MD, MPH, Emergency Medicine
Dennis Matthews, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Gary Melton, PhD, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Steve Moulton, MD, Trauma & Burns Program, Surgery
Matthew Nalty, BA, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
David Olds, PhD, Pediatrics, Prevention Resource Center
Sourav Poddar, MD, Family Medicine
Aaron Provance, MD, Orthopedics
Arleta Rewers, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Genie Roosevelt, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Desmond Runyan, MD, DrPH, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Comilla Sasson, MD, MS, Emergency Medicine
Eric Sigel, MD, PIPER Program, Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine
Marion Sills, MD, MPH, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Traci Snedden, PhD, RN, CPNP, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Taylor Soderborg, BA
Heather Taussig, PhD, The Kempe Center, Pediatrics
Sam Wang, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Richard Zane, MD, Emergency Medicine
Colorado School of Nursing
Scott Harpin, PhD, MPH, RN
University of Colorado Hospital
Katie Fuenning, MS, Burn Center
Joy Schmitter, EMT, Emergency Medicine, Injury Prevention
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Stephanie Harrison, RN, MBA, BSN, CPEN, CEN, Trauma Burn Program
Adrienn Hollonds, MHS, Children's Health Advocacy Institute
Theresa Rapstine, BSN, RN, School Health Program
Dwayne Smith, MEd, MCHES, Injury Prevention
Abby Waldbaum, MA, Injury Prevention
University of Colorado Denver
Elizabeth Greenwell, ScD, Regulatory Compliance, COMIRB
Carolyn McAndrews, PhD, College of Architecture & Planning
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Leah Emerick Anderson, BS, Child Fatality Prevention System
Barbara Gabella, MSPH, Health Statistics & Evaluation Branch
Jan Hart, MSPH, Injury, Suicide & Violence Prevention Branch
Colleen Kapsimalis, MPH, CPH, Child Fatality Prevention System
Aerin LaCerte, Injury, Suicide & Violence Prevention Branch
Ali Maffey, MSW, Injury, Suicide & Violence Prevention Branch
Lindsey Myers, MPH, Injury, Suicide & Violence Prevention Branch
Denver Health
Katie Bakes, MD, FACEP, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Anthony Barkey, MPH , Injury Prevention
Simon Hambidge, MD, PhD, Pediatrics
Gregory Jurkovich, MD, Surgery
Erin Martinez, MPH, Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center
Theresa Mickiewicz, MPH
Sara Muramoto, BS, Emergency Medicine
Deborah Rinehart, PhD, MA, Health Services Research
Sabrina Arredondo Mattson, PhD, Center for the Study & Prevention of Violence, University of Colorado Boulder
Cinnamon Dixon, DO, MPH, Kaiser Permanente Colorado
Omar Gudino, PhD, Psychology, Denver University
Jennifer Kelloff, MD, Kaiser Permanente Colorado

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