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University of Colorado Denver

Pediatric Injury Prevention, Education and Research Program | PIPER

Affiliated scholars

Affiliated scholars include researchers in the Denver area who share an interest in the prevention of injury and violence and collaborate on PIPER projects and events, including the Injury and Violence Research and Evaluation (IVRE) group. To join our community of scholars, email Sara Brandspigel at

Marian (Emmy) Betz, MD, MPH
Ingrid A. Binswanger, MD, MS, MPH
Antonia Chiesa, MD
R. Dawn Comstock, PhD
Carolyn DiGuiseppi, MD, MPH, PhD
Joe Grubenhoff, MD
Scott Harpin, PhD, MPH, RN
Jim Helmkamp, MS, PhD
Carol Runyan, MPH, PhD
Desmond K. Runyan, MD, DrPH
Michael Schurr, MD
Heather Taussig, PhD
Greg Tung, MPH, PhD


Marian (Emmy) Betz, MD, MPHemmybetz.jpg

Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine
CU School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology
Colorado School of Public Health
Section Councilor, Injury Control and Emergency Health Services Section, APHA

Research interests: Older drivers; suicide; injury prevention in emergency departments

Injury-related teaching: Intimate Partner Violence (CU School of Medicine)

Relevant recent research:

  • Firearm restriction as suicide prevention: variation in belief and practice among providers in an urban emergency department. Inj Prev. 2010 Aug;16(4):278-81.Betz ME, Barber CW, Miller M.
  • Driving patterns of older adults: results from the Second Injury Control and Risk Survey. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2010 Oct;58(10):1931-5. Betz ME, Lowenstein SR.
  • Multicenter study of predictors of suicide screening in emergency departments. Acad Emerg Med. 2012 Feb;19(2):239-43. Ting SA, Sullivan AF, Miller I, Espinola JA, Allen MH, Camargo CA Jr, Boudreaux ED; Emergency Department Safety and Follow-up Evaluation (ED-SAFE) Investigators.


Ingrid A. Binswanger, MD, MS, MPHIngrid Binswanger_for web2.jpg

Associate Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine
Affiliated Member, Division of Substance Dependence
Director, Primary Care Research Fellowship
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Denver Health Medical Center

Research interests: Overdose prevention; Health and the criminal justice system


Primary Care Research Fellowship

Relevant recent research:

  • Binswanger IA, Stern MF, Deyo RA, Heagerty PJ, Cheadle A, Elmore JG, Koepsell TD. Release from prison: a high-risk of death for former inmates. New England Journal of Medicine. 2007;356:157-65. [Letters to the editor and author reply: NEJM 356:1786-7.]
  • Binswanger IA, Takahashi TA, Bradley K, Dellit TH, Benton KL, Merrill JO. Drug users seeking emergency care for soft tissue infection at high risk for subsequent hospitalization and death. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. 2008; Nov;69(6):924-32.
  • Binswanger IA, Cowan JA Jr. Firearms in major motion pictures, 1995-2004. Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care. 2009 Mar;66(3):906-11.
  • Wortzel H, Binswanger IA, Anderson CA, Adler LE. Suicide among incarcerated veterans: Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law. 2009 37(1):82-91.
  • Merrall, ELC, Kariminia A, Binswanger IA, Hobbs MS, Farrell M, Marsden J, Hutchinson, SJ, Bird SM. Meta-analysis of drug-related deaths soon after release from prison. Addiction. 2010; 105(9):1545-54.


ChiesaAntonia (08) 2007 (2).JPGAntonia Chiesa, MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Kempe Center, Children's Hospital Colorado

Research interests: Child maltreatment

Injury-related teaching: All forms of child maltreatment - community agencies, residents, medical/PA students

Relevant recent research:

  • Randomized prospective study examining hospital education program for parents of newborns regarding infant crying and abusive head injury (ongoing).

Dawn Comstock.jpgR. Dawn Comstock, PhD

Associate Professor
Colorado School of Public Health, Epidemiology
University of Colorado School of Medicine, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine
Research interests: Injury prevention among the physically active – specifically sports and recreation injury surveillance and prevention.
Relevant recent research:
  • Kerr ZY, Fields SK, and Comstock RD.  Epidemiology of Dog Agility Injuries Sustained by Canine Athletes and their Human Handlers.  Forthcoming, Journal of Physical Activity & Health.
  • Fletcher EN, McKenzie LB, and Comstock RD.  Epidemiological Comparison of High School Basketball Injuries Reporting to Emergency Departments and the Athletic Trainig Setting.  Forthcoming, Journal of Athletic Training.
  • Joseph AM, Collins CL, Henke NM, Yard EE, Fields SK, and Comstock RD.  A Multi-Sport Epidemiologic Comparison of ACL Injuries in High School Athletics.  Forthcoming, Journal of Athletic Training.
  • Fields SK and Comstock RD.  Concussions, a chapter in Sports in American Popular Culture, ed. Murry Nelson.  Forthcoming, Greenwood Press, Westport, CT.
  • Swenson DM, Collins CL, Fields SK, and Comstock RD.  Epidemiology of US High School Sports-Related Ligamentous Ankle Injuries 2005/06-2010/11.  Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, Epub ahead of print, Jan 16, 2013.
  • PubMed Link to more articles

Carolyn DiGuiseppi, MD, MPH, PhDDiGuiseppi.jpg

Professor of Epidemiology and Director, General Preventive Medicine/Public Health Residency Program
Colorado School of Public Health

Research interests: Older adult falls
Injury-related teaching: Injury Epidemiology and Control (Colorado School of Public Health)
Relevant recent research: 
  • Safety Practices in Relation to Home Ownership among Urban Mexican Immigrant Families. Journal of Community Health, Feb 2012; 37(1):165-75. Carolyn DiGuiseppi, Cynthia W. Goss, Lihong Dao, Amanda Allshouse, Robert A. Bardwell, Edward Hendrikson, Shelly L. Miller, Jill Litt.
  • Social connectedness interventions for preventing suicide in young and middle aged adults [protocol]. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2011 (in press). Cynthia W. Goss, Harrod C, Gliner J, Lorann Stallones, Carolyn DiGuiseppi.  
  • Interventions for primary prevention of suicide in the post-secondary educational setting (Protocol). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2011, Issue 11. Art. No.: CD009439. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD009439. Harrod C, Cynthia W. Goss, Lorann Stallones, Gliner J, Carolyn DiGuiseppi.​

Joe Grubenhoff, MDjoegrubenhoff.JPG

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
University of Colorado, Children's Hospital Colorado

Research interests: Pediatric mild traumatic brain injury
Relevant recent research: 
  • Detailed analysis of concussion symptoms in a paediatric ED population. Brain Injury 2011: 25(10):943-949. Grubenhoff JA, Kirkwood M, Deakyne S, Wathen J.
  • Evaluation of the Standardized Assessment of Concussion in a Pediatric Emergency Department. Pediatrics 2010;126(4)688-95. Grubenhoff JA, Kirkwood M, Gao D, Deakyne S, Wathen J.
  • Case Report: Brown-Sequard syndrome resulting from a ski injury in a 7-year-old male. Current Opinion in Pediatrics 2008;20(3):341-344. Grubenhoff JA, Brent A.
  • Physical and Neurologic Exam. In Yeates KO & Kirkwood M, eds. Pediatric Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Adolescents: From Basic Science to Clinical Management. New York: Guilford; 2012:196-217. Grubenhoff JA, Provance A.  

Scott Harpin, PhD, MPH, RNHarpin_headshot.jpg

Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, College of Nursing

Research interests: Youth violence prevention, violence in the lives of at-risk youth (homeless, former foster care, etc), adolescent mental health promotion, resiliency of foster care youth


Injury related teaching: general adolescent health lecture, healthy youth development

Jim Helmkamp, MS, PhD

Senior Epidemiologist, CDC/National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health  

Research interests: Recreational and work-related injuries associated with all-terrain vehicles; OSH and injury surveillance issues in the Western US.
Relevant recent research:
  • American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 2012; online DOI 10.1002/ajim.22148.
  • Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health, 2012; 18(3):233-243.
  • Public Health Reports, 2012; 127:364-374.
  • Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health, 2011; 17(2):147-155.

Carol Runyan, MPH, PhD

Professor, Colorado School of Public Health (Epidemiology/Community and Behavioral Health)
Professor, University of Colorado School of Medicine (Pediatrics)
Director, Pediatric Injury Prevention, Education and Research Program (PIPER)

Research interests: Young worker safety, child and adolescent injury epidemiology and prevention, safety on college campuses, workforce development, injury and violence prevention program and policy evaluation


Relevant recent research:

  • Vladutiu CJ, Casteel C, Marshall SW, McGee KS, Runyan CW, Coyne-Beasley T.  (2012). Disability, home hazards and safety practices in US households.  Disabil Health J. 5(1): 49-54.
  • Runyan CW. (2012) Introducing the 2012 Issue of Epidemiologic Reviews on Injury and Violence (Invited editorial).  Amer. J. of Epidemiology. 175(2): 89-90.
  • Santana VS, Villaveces A, Bangdiwala SI, Runyan CW, Oliveira PRA. Incidence of severe work-related injuries among young adults workers in Brazil – analysis of compensation data.  Injury Prevention.  (Published on line, November, 2011; In press).
  • Rauscher K, Myers D, Runyan CW, Schulman MD. (2012). Young Workers Safety in Construction: Do Family Ties and Workgroup Size Affect Hazard Exposures and Safety Practices?  Work: A Journal of Prevention Assessment & Rehabilitation. 42(4):549-58. 
  • Runyan CW, Lewko J, Rauscher K. (2012). Setting an agenda for advancing young worker safety in the US and Canada. Public Health Reports. 127 (3): 246-52.

Injury-related teaching: 

  • Injury and Violence as Public Health Problems (25 years teaching at U. of North Carolina)
  • Injury Prevention for Medical Students (3 years teaching at U. of North Carolina)
  • Professional education:  PREVENT Program (10 years) See:
  • DrPH Seminar on Public Health – History, Concepts, Social Change (Colorado School of Public Health)

Desmond K. Runyan, MD, DrPHdes runyan.jpg

Jack and Viki Thompson Professor of Pediatrics and Executive Director of the Kempe Center
CU School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics
Research interests: Diagnosis and consequences of child abuse and neglect
Relevant recent research:
  • Zolotor AJ, Theodore AD, Runyan DK, Chang JJ, Laskey AL Corporal punishment and physical abuse: population-based trends for three to 11-year old children in the United States. Child Abuse Review 2011  20:57-66
  • Runyan DK, Shankar V, Hassan F, Hunter W, Jain D. Paula C, Bangdiwala S, Ramiro L, Muñoz S, Vizcarra B, Bordin I. International variations in harsh child discipline. Pediatrics 2010 126: 3 e701-e711
  • Runyan DK, Hennick-Kaminski HJ, Zolotor AJ, Barr RG, Murphy RA, Barr M, Sullivan K, Dougall EK, Nocera MA. Designing and testing a shaken baby syndrome prevention program: the period of PURPLE crying – keeping babies safe in North Carolina. Social Marketing Quarterly 2009 15(4): 2-24
  • Appleyard K, Yang C, Runyan, DK. Delineating the maladaptive pathways of child maltreatment: A mediated moderation analysis of the roles of self-perception and social support. Development and Psychopathology 2010  22(2):337-52
  • Runyan DK, Dunne MP, Zolotor AJ, Madrid B, Jain M, Gerbaka B, Menick DM, Andreva-Miller A, Sham Kasim M, Choo WY, Isaeva O, MacFarlane B, Ramirez C, Volkova E, Youseff RM. The development and piloting of the ISPCAN child abuse screening tool – parent version (ICAST-P). Child Abuse & Neglect 2009 11:826-32

Michael Schurr, MDSchurr, Michael J 04 (2x3)_JPG.jpg

Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Colorado

Research interests: Trauma and burn


Heather Taussig, PhDTaussig.jpg

Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry
Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Research interests: Preventive interventions for maltreated children and children in foster care; Adolescent risk behaviors; Child welfare research


Relevant recent research:

  • Taussig, H.N., & Culhane, S.E. (2010). Impact of a mentoring and skills group program on mental health outcomes for maltreated children in foster care. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 164, 739-746.
  • Taussig, H.N., Culhane, S.E., Garrido, E., & Knudtson, M.D. (2012). RCT of a mentoring and skills group program: Placement and permanency outcomes for foster youth. Pediatrics, 130:e33-e39.
  • Petrenko, C. L. M., Friend, A., Garrido, E. F., Taussig, H. N., & Culhane, S. E. (in press). Does subtype matter? Assessing the effects of maltreatment on functioning in preadolescent youth in out-of-home care. Child Abuse & Neglect.
  • Hellyer, J., Garrido, E.F., Petrenko, C.L.M., & Taussig, H.N. (in press). Are maternal and community risk factors associated with the presence of asthma among children in foster care? Children and Youth Services Review.
  • Taussig, H.N., Culhane, S.E., Garrido, E.F., Knudtson, M.D. & Petrenko, C.L.M. (in press). Does severity of physical neglect moderate the impact of an efficacious intervention for maltreated children in foster care? Child Maltreatment. 

Research underway:  

  • Analysis of Medicaid data to examine physical health outcomes of the intervention

Greg Tung, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor
Pediatric Injury Prevention, Education and Research Program(PIPER)
Colorado School of Public Health

Research interests: Injury Prevention Policy Translation
Relevant recent research:
  • Vernick JS, Tung GJ, Kromm JN. Interventions to reduce risks associated with vehicle incompatibility. Epidemiol Rev. 2011;34(1):57-64.
  • Tung GJ, Vernick JS, Reiney EV, Gielen AC. Legislator voting and behavioral science theory: a systematic review. Am J Health Behav. 2012: 36(6):823-33. 
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