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Clincal Data & Questionnaire

Questionnaire: Each participant completes a private interviewer-administered questionnaire to obtain demographics, medical history, clinical symptoms  and occupational and exposure history.  To view the the questionnaire please click on the PDF link below.

​Form ​Link                    ​# Collected ​Participants
​Questionnaire PDF​​
​528 ​528



Clinical data: Each participant is asked to provide consent to review medical evaluation results and tests.  Please click on each PDF link to view the information collected.

Clinical Form​                                 ​Link                               #Collected      Participants
Pulmonary Function Test PDF​ ​673 ​345
​Pathology Report PDF ​374                                      ​273
​Patch Test PDF  
​6                                        ​5
​Blood BeLPT PDF ​1377                                   334​
​Lavage BeLPT and Report PDF ​491 ​287
​Laboratory Data PDF ​513 ​278
​Physical Findings  PDF ​679 ​346
​Exercise Test PDF ​402 ​220
​CT Scan Report and Report PDF ​338 ​285
​CXR Interpretation  PDF ​394 ​253
​          B-Read ​206 ​153
​6 Minute Walk PDF​
​8 ​8
Radiological Data: Each clinical center has obtained copies of CT scan images from their respective radiology department's CT scanners in a format that has de-identified participant-specific data.   The DCC has copies of these CT scans available to researchers.


Available ​                    #Collected​    

​CT Scan     ​                      336​​          


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