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Cost of Attendance

Tuition has been established by the Board of Regents, the governing body of the University of Colorado, and is subject to change any time. The following tuition rates are published by the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (CU Anschutz) Bursar's Office. Fees will vary by campus, please review the fee structure for your specific campus.  ​


Academic Year 2018-2019 Tuition Rates​


Program Resident Tuition Non-Resident Tuition
MPH programs (CU Anschutz, CSU, UNC) $793 per credit hour

$1,287 per credit hour​​

MS programs (CU Anschutz only)
$525 per credit hou​r

$1,287 per credit hour

DrPH programs (CU Anschutz only) $481 per credit hour

$1,132 per credit hour

PhD programs (CU Anschutz only)
$481 per credit hour $1,132 per credit hour​
Certificate programs (CU Anschutz, ​UNC) $793 per credit hour​ $1,287 per credit hour​
​Non-Degree programs (CU Anschutz, UNC) ​$793 per credit hour ​$1,287 per credit hour



Fees Applicable to All ColoradoSPH Campuses


Fee Type 2018 - 2019 Rates
Amount Frequency
Matriculation Fee
$140.00 One-time
​​​Revenues from this fee are used to provide registration and records services (including transcripts) to students and alumni. The fee also covers the cost of student ID badges.
Tuition Deposit ​$200 ​One-time
The tuition deposit confirms a student's spot in the incoming class at the Colorado School of Public Health. It is a mandatory, non-refundable fee.
Background Check ​Varies ​One-time
​The background check fee covers the cost of the background check and verification of immunization records required of all incoming ColoradoSPH students. 
Deferred Payment Plan Charge
$35.00 Per Term
Students who choose to take advantage of the Deferred Payment Plan are subject to a $35 charge for electing this option. Charge incurred each semester when signing up for the payment plan.
Service Charge
1.75% Per Month
​​Students who do not pay their University bill by the payment due date indicated on their electronic billing statement (e-bill) are subject to a service charge of 1.75% each month on the past due portion of their account balance.
Returned Check Charge
$20.00 Individual
​​Students who submit invalid bank items (checks, e-checks, etc.) are subject to a returned check charge. This includes, but is not limited to, items returned for insufficient funds, stopped payments, and invalid account numbers. Charge is incurred each time a bank item is returned.
Late Registration Penalty
$60.00 Per Term
​​​ A late registration penalty will be charged to students who are authorized to register after their regular registration period (this includes Candidate for Degree and Doctoral Thesis registrations). The registration penalty is separate and distinct from any penalty that may be assessed for late payment of tuition and fees.​​
Career Services Fee ​$13.00 ​Per Credit Hour
​​​The career services fee is used to support student career preparation, job development, and employer engagement for all ColoradoSPH graduate students. Amount is charged per credit hour.

In addition to the tuition and fees listed above, each ColoradoSPH campus has its own associated fees. More information can be found below:


 Additional Fees By Campus


 CU Anschutz Fees


Fee T​ype​ 2018 -2019 Rates
Amount Frequency
Academ​​ic ​​Support Services Fee $64.00 Per Term
The Academic Support Services Fee supports the library (6​7%), the registrar's office (26%), and educational support servic​es (7%), to cover costs associated with instructional and other academic services. This fee was approved by students in spring 2005.

Activity Fee $20.00 Per Year
​The Activity Fee is used to support the activites of the Student Senate and the ColoradoSPH student government organization for the CU Anschutz Medical Campus.
Internationally Sponsored Student Charge $100 Per Term
An administrative charge to international sponsors of students enrolled at Anschutz Medical Campus. This charge funds an International Sponsored Student Coordinator to meet the needs of sponsor organizations as well as provide support to sponsored students.​​ ​ ​
​International Student Fee ​$150 ​Per Term
The International Student Fee provides funding for the implementation and maintenance of the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), immigration advising, advocacy, academic advising, cross cultural adjustment support, and other services provided to international student by the Office of International Affairs. Permanent Residents are excluded from this fee.
​CU Anschutz RTD College Pass Program ​$53.35 ​Per Term
​​The CU Anschutz RTD College Pass Program, approved by a student council election in 2008 and required of all degree-seeking students at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, covers the cost of providing term decals and student badges.
Online Course Fee​ ​$100 ​Per Course
​​This fee is assessed for each online course taken and is used to support CU Online and the Learning Management System, including ongoing operations and administrative overhead directly for CU Online.​
​Hybrid Course Fee ​$50 ​Per Course
A $50 course fee is assessed for each online lab taken; a $50 course fee is assessed for ea​ch hybrid course taken.
Health Insurance Fee
Health Plan
Dental Plan
Per Year
The Health Insurance fee pays for a comprehensive insurance plan covering student injury and illness. It is mandatory for any student taking at least 5 credit hours in a term. A student may waive their health insurance if they have a comparable plan that meets the waiver requirements. 
All degree seeking students enrolled in 1 or more credit hours at Anschutz Medical Campus are required to have health insurance. Students carrying their own insurance may request this fee be waived if their plan is considered comparable. For more information, contact the Office of Student Health.

Additional resources and information can be found on the CU Anschutz Costs and Financing ​website.


 Colorado State University Fees

Credit ranges are based on ColoradoSPH courses taken at CSU 

Fee Type FT


Associated Students of CSU​ $​​24.45


Recreationa​l Sports Office Operations Fee ​$16.07 ​N/A
​Student Recreation Center Fee ​$125.81 ​N/A
Lory Student Center ​Operations Fees​



​Lory Student Center Facilites Fee   ​$76.21 $32.01
​Ram Events ​$9.77 ​$4.10
​CSU Health Network ​$201.59 ​N/A
​University Counseling Center Fee ​$48.25 ​N/A
​Student Services Fee ​$106.98 ​$61.86
​Athletics $115.61


​Technology Fee ​$25 ​$25
​Facility Fee ​$20.75/credit hour ​$20.75/credit hour
​Alternative Transportation Fee ​$26.23 ​$11.02


 University of Northern Colorado Fees

Visit the University of Northern Colorado for more information about additional fees​.​3


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