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Arnold Levinson, PhD, MJ 

Associate Professor 

Research Interests:
  • Increasing Cessation Motivation and use of proven Cessation Strategies among Adult Smokers
  • Reducing Youth Access to Tobacco
  • Reducing Population Disparities in Tobacco-Related Burdens
  • Survey Methodology
  • Courses Taught:
  • CBHS 6610: Social and Community Factors
  • Current Research Projects:
  • External Program Evaluation Center for Prevention Services Division, CDPHE
  • Smoking Cessation Navigation Among Low-Income Parents, NCI
  • Key Publications:
    1. Burns EK. Levinson AH. Reaching Spanish-Speaking Smokers: State-Level Evidence of Untapped Potential for Quitline Utilization. Am J Public Health (accepted) 2009.
    2. Burns E, Levinson AH. Discontinuation of Nicotine Replacement Therapy among Smoking-Cessation Attempters. Am J Prev Med 2008; 34(3):212-5.
    3. Levinson AH , Glasgow RE, Gaglio B, Smith T, Cahoon J, Marcus A. Tailored Behavioral Support for Smoking Reduction: Development and Pilot Results of an Innovative Intervention. Health Educ Res 2008; 23:335-46.
    4. Levinson AH , Mickiewicz T. Reducing underage cigarette sales in an isolated community: the effect on adolescent cigarette supplies. Prev Med 2007; 45(6):447-53.
    5. Levinson AH , Campo S, Gascoigne J, Jolly O, Zakharyan A, Tran ZV. Smoking, but not smokers: Identity among college students who smoke cigarettes. Nicot Tob Res 2007; 9(8):845-52.
    6. Burns E, Levinson AH , Prochazka A, Lezotte D. Differences in Smoking Cessation between Latinos and Anglos by Duration of Smoking. Nicot Tob Res 2007;  9(7):731-7.
    7. Levinson AH , Borrayo E, Espinoza P, Flores E, Perez-Stable E. An exploration of Latino smokers and the use of pharmaceutical aids. Am J Prev Med 2006 ; 31(2):167-71.
    8. Levinson A , Perez-Stable E, Espinoza P, Flores E, Byers T. Latinos report less use of pharmaceutical aids when trying to quit smoking. Am J Prev Med 2004, 26(2): 105-11. 
  • University of California - Berkeley, BA, Health Arts & Sciences, Master of Journalism
  • University of Colorado - Denver, PhD, Health and Behavioral Sciences
  • Colorado School of Public Health

    13001 E. 17th Place
    Mail Stop B119
    Aurora, CO 80045


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