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Jenn Leiferman, PhD 

Associate Professor & Director, Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center

Research Interests:
  • Prevention of Intergenerational Transmission of Adverse Child ​Experiences
  • Mental Health + Substance Use - Systems + Policy
  • Parental Mental Health, Parenting Practices and Child Outcomes
  • Patient-Provider Communication
  • Courses Taught:
  • CBHS 6611: Foundations of Health Behavior
  • PMHW 6621: Mental Health: Wellbeing Promotion
  • Current Grants:
  • AHRQ R03HS26015-01A1 (PI: Leiferman)                               9/2018-8/2019Utilizing online technology to improve provider-patient communication on prenatal mood disorders. Role: PI
  • NCAAM R34 (PI: Huberty)                                                            9/2019-08/2019
  •     Yoga Online: Inter-conception care to prevent PTSD symptoms                            after stillbirth. Role: Co-I
  • American Cancer Society (PI: Litt)                                     12/2016 – 11/2019
  •     Community Activation for Prevention: A Randomized Controlled Trial​.  Role: Subcontract PI
    Recent Publications:
    • ​Huberty, J., Matthews, J*. Leiferman, JA., Hermer, J., Cacciatore, J. When a baby dies: A systematic review of experimental interventions for women after stillbirth. Reproductive Sciences. 2017: 24(7): 967-975.
    • ​​ ​Huberty, J., Matthews, J*. Leiferman, JA., Hermer, J., Cacciatore, J. When a baby dies: A systematic review of experimental interventions for women after stillbirth. Reproductive Sciences. 2017: 24(7): 967-975.
    •  Huberty, J., Leiferman, JA., Kruper, A., Jacobson, L., Waring, M., Wischenka, D., Matthews, J., Kornfield, S, Brown, B., & Brown, S. Exploring the need for interventions to manage weight and stress during inter-conception. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 2017: 40(1): 145-158. 
    • Huberty, JL., Buman, M, Leiferman, JA., Bushar, J., Hekler, E., Adams, M. Dose and timing of text messages for increasing physical activity among pregnant women: a randomized controlled trial. Translational Behavioral Medicine. 2017: 7(2): 212-223. DOI:10.1007/s13142-016-0445-1. (IF: 2189) 
    • Huberty, J., Matthews, J*, Leiferman, J., Cacciatore, J., Gold, K. A study protocol of a three-group randomized feasibility trial of an online yoga intervention for mothers after stillbirth (The Mindful Health Study). Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 2017: 4(1): 12. 
    • Huberty, J., Matthews, J.*, Leiferman, J., Cacciatore, J. Experiences of women who participated in a beta-test for an online-streamed yoga intervention. International Journal of Yoga Therapy, 2017: 27(1), 59-68. 
    • Mogo E*, Litt J, Leiferman JA, McManus B, Risendal B, & Lookman O. An audit of urban neighborhoods in metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa 2017; 19(1).
    • Matthews, J*., Huberty, J., Leiferman, J., McClain, D., & Larkey, L. Perceptions, uses of, and interests in complimentary health care approaches in depressed pregnant women: The PAW survey. Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine. 2017: 22(1), 81-95. (IF: 1.395). 
    • Huberty J, Matthews J*, Leiferman, J, Lee C. Use of complementary approaches in pregnant women with a history of miscarriage. (2018). Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 36, 1-5.
    • Matthews J*, Huberty J, Leiferman J, Buman M. Psychosocial predictors of gestational weight gain and the role of mindfulness. (2018). Midwifery, 56, 86-93.
    • Mogo E*, Litt J, Leiferman JA, McManus B, Risendal B, & Lookman O. Exploring government and civil society workers’ perceptions of urban health as a governance priority in the Lagos metropolis Cities and Health 2018: 171-184.
    • Litt, JS, Alaimo, K, Buchenau, M, Villalobos, A, Glueck, DH, Crume, T, Fahnestock, L, Hamman, RF, Hebert, JR, Hurley, TG, Leiferman, JA, Li, K, Rationale and Design for the Community Activation for Prevention Study (CAPs): A Randomized Controlled Trial of Community Gardening. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2018; 68:72-78.
    • Mogo E*, Leiferman JA, Litt JA, McManus B, Risendal B, & Lookman O. What is the place of urban health and community resilience in Lagos State’s development agenda? African Journal of Governance and Development (in press)
    • Huberty J, Matthews J*, Cacciatore J, Buman M. & Leiferman JA. Relationship between mindfulness and posttraumatic stress in women who experienced stillbirth. JOGNN (in press)
    • Leiferman JA, Farewell C*, Ulrickson C*, Undis G*, Huberty J, Lee-Winn A. Identification and Management of Maternal Depression: Differences across health care disciplines. J of Interprofessional Care (under review)
    • Matthews J*, Huberty J, Leiferman JA, Larkey L. Stressors and behavioral coping strategies of pregnant women with varying perceived stress scores: A descriptive study. Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health. (Under review).
    • Gance-Cleveland B, Nodine P, Leiferman JA, Aldrich H, Anderson J, Nacht A, Martin J, and Carrington, A. StartSmartTM: mHealth for screening and education during pregnancy. J Midwifery and Women’s Health (revise resubmit).
    • Leiferman JA, Farewell C*, Lee-Winn AE, Ulrickson C*, Huberty J, Paulson JF. Management of Perinatal Depression: Effectiveness of an Online Training Module across Health Care Disciplines. (under review).
    • Leiferman JA, Jewell JS*, Lee-Winn AE, Huberty J Paulson JF. A Survey of Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Interconception Period. (in prep – submit Feb 2019)
    • Lohmiller K*, Harpin S, Bishop, James K, Leiferman JA. The S.I.T.E. Framework: Taking Steps Towards Equitable Access to Education. The justification, development and implementation of a novel approach for sustainably integrating trauma-informed approaches in schools. (in prep – submit Feb 2019).
    •  Bergling E*, Puma J, Leiferman JA. Self-reported and clinically diagnosed depression in rural Colorado: Findgins from the San Luis Valley Community Health Survey
  • Texas A&M University, BS, Psychology, 1993
  • University of North Texas, MS, Kinesiology, 1995
  • University of Texas at Austin, PhD, Health Education, 2000
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2001, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Population Studies/Epidemiology
  • Colorado School of Public Health

    13001 E. 17th Place
    Mail Stop B119
    Aurora, CO 80045


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