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Biostatistics and Informatics Working Groups


Statistical Genomics Working Group

Meets the first Thursday of every month, 12:00-1:00 p.m. - lunch provided! Location alternates between the Anschutz Medical Campus and National Jewish Health.

Upcoming Meetings

3/2/17 - Wen Zhou, PhD - Department of Statistics, Colorado State University - "Some new statistical testing procedures for gene expression analysis:  game against small n large p and complex dependency."


Previous Meetings

9/1/16 - AMC, Bldg 500, W3166 - Bryan Vestal, PhD Candidate, presenting current research with Dr. Jenny Shi and Dr. Pratyay Rudra, "Model based heritability scores for high-throughput sequencing data."

10/6/16 - NJH, K522 - Dr. Audrey Hendricks - "A new method for genetic region association testing with massively different sequencing depths of coverage: An Update."

11/3/16 - AMC, Bldg 500, W3166 - Rachel Blumhagen, PhD Candidate - "Exploring the landscape of allel-specific expression in nasal epithelium of asthmatic patients and simulating allele-specific read counts accounting for correlation."

12/1/16 - NJH, K522 - Nicholas Rafaels, MS - Colorado Center for PErsonalized Medicine - "Findings from the 2016 American Society of Human Genetics Meeting."

2/2/17 - NJH, K522 - Joseph Azofeifa - PhD Candidate in Computer Science, CU Boulder - "RNA Pol II modeling predicts transcription factor activity."

3/2/17 - AMC, Bldg 500, W3333 -

4/6/17 - NJH, K522 - - Pratyaydipta Rudra, PhD - Department of Biostatistics and Informatics - "Controlling False Discovery Rate for Grouped and Hierarchical Hypothesis Testing: Recent Advancements."

5/4/17 - AMC, Bldg 500, W3166 -

6/1/17 - NJH, K522 -




9/3/15 - Journal Club hosted by Dr. Tasha Fingerlin - National Jewish Health

10/1/15 - Journal Club hosted by Dr. Laura Saba, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences - "Integration of disease association and eQTL data using a Bayesian colocalisation approach highlights six candidate causal genes in immune-mediated diseases"

11/5/15 - Meeting hosted by Joanne Cole -Human Medical Genetics and Genomics Program - "Using Extended Genealogy to Estimate Components of Heritability for 23 Quantitative and Dichotomous Traits"

12/3/15 - Panel Discussion hosted by Dr. Stephanie Santorico - Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Colorado Denver: "Open Questions in Statistical Genetics and Genomics"

1/7/16 - Meeting hosted by Dr. Weiming Zhang - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Improving Phenotypic Prediction by Combining Genetic and Epigenetic Associations"

2/4/16 - Michael Snyder, PhD - Stanford School of Medicine - Keynote Address for the New Strategies and Challenges in Lung Proteomics and Metabolomics Workshop at National Jewish Health - "Integrative Omics for Managing Health and Disease"

3/3/16 - Dr. Jenny Shi  presenting "Inferring gene-gene interactions and functional modules using sparse canonical correlation analysis" (The Annals of Applied Statistics, 2015, Vol. 9, No. 1, 300-323)" - Held at National Jewish Health, Goodman Bldg, 5th Floor Conference Room, K522.

4/7/16 - Katerina Kechris, PhD presenting two papers:  "Statistics requantitates the central dogma" (link to paper ) and "System wide analyses have underestimated protein abundances and the importance of transcription in mammals" (link to paper ).  Anschutz Medical Campus Building 500, Dean's Conference Room W3166.

5/5/16 - Sean Jacobson, MS - National Jewish Health - "Common Genetic Polymorphisms Influence Measured Blood Biomarker Associations in COPD."  Held at National Jewish Health, Goodman Bldg, 5th Floor Conference Room, K522.

 6/2/16 - Audrey Hendricks - Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, UC Denver - "A new method for gene region association testing with massively different sequencing depths of coverage."


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