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Imaging Analysis Working Group

Meets the third Thursday of the month, 10:30-11:30 am
ColoradoSPH Dean's Conference Room, AMC Bldg 500, Third Floor, Room W3166 (unless noted).


Upcoming Presentations

2/15/18 - Dr. Michael Regner - School of Medicine - "Inhibiting the Insula in Smokers: Preliminary Results using rTMS and fMRI"

2016-2017 Presentations

11/30/17 - Julio Carballido-Gamio - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Sex Differences in the Spatial Distribution of Bone Loss in the Proximal Femur: a Computational Anatomy QCT Study"

10/19/17 - Fuyong Xing - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Learning to Quantify and Understand Biomedical Images"

6/15/17 - Pam Russell, MA - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Can tumor genomic profiles be predicted from clinical images?"

5/18/17 - Brian Vestal, PhD Candidate - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Generating Novel Emphysema Biomarkers from Lung CT Scans."

4/20/17 - Alexandria Jensen, MS Candidate - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Resistance Perturbation Distance Kernel Regression for Prediction of Biological Phenotypes in fMRI."

3/16/17 - Superceded by faculty candidate talk.

2/16/17 - Allison Shapiro, MPH, PhD - Lifecourse Epidemiology of Adiposity and Diabetes (LEAD) Center - "Leveraging fMRI to Study Brain Metabolic Consequences of Fetal Programming."

1/19/17 - Geena Kim, PhD - Regis University, College of Computer and Information Sciences - Deep Neural Nets in Brain Tumor Segmentation.

12/15/16 - Korey Wylie, MD - Department of Psychiatry, Tregellas Neuroimaging Laboratory - "False-positive results in fMRI: The persistent problem of correcting for multiple comparisons." (Paper)

11/17/16 - Sarah Ryan, MS Candidate - Biostatistics and Informatics - "Working with 3-D Slicer for image visualization"

8/18/16 - Manish Dalwani, PhD Candidate - "Independent Component Analysis and its Application in fMRI"

2015-2016 Presentations

5/19/16 - Brian Vestal, PhD Candidate in Biostatistics - "Characterization of Radiologically Based Emphysema Using a Spatial Point Process Framework"

4/21/16 - Natalie Serkova, PhD, Department of Anesthesiology - "Quantitative Imaging Endpoints to Assess Anti-Cancer Treatment Response"

3/17/16 - Sean Deoni, MD - "Interrogating White Matter Structure: an overview of the following methods and their weaknesses: Relaxometry Magnetic Transfer Diffusion Tensor"

2/18/16 - Stephen Humphries, PhD - Imaging Lab at National Jewish Health - "Computed tomography (CT) imaging acquisition focused on imaging of the lung"

1/21/16 - Doug Shepherd, PhD - Department of Physics and Bioengineering - "New light-sheet microscopy"

12/17/15 - Maria Deluzman - Continue presenting "fMRI data and signals of interest in eating disorders"

11/19/15 - Korey Wiley, PhD - Department of Psychiatry. "fMRI data" (Lindquist M. (2008) Statistical Analysis of fMRI data.  Statistical Science.  23(4): 439-464.) (Paper)

10/15/15 - Kick-off meeting.  A dozen biostatistics and imaging researchers met and reviewed different data sources for the first 6 months and different analysis methods the next 6 months.

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