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University of Colorado Denver

Colorado School of Public Health

Online Master of Public Health

Leadership and Public Health Practice

Online student

At the Colorado School of Public Health we believe that ​​working professionals need flexibility to advance their career, and that geography shouldn't be a barrier to earning an accredited, graduate education in public health.

That's why we are excited to announce an innovative new educational program - the low-residency, online Master of Public Health in Leadership and Public Health Practice (LPH).

We invite you to earn your degree in a flexible, student-focused format from an established and accredited school of public health. 

LPH students will have the option to pursue all core MPH and concentration elective courses online, requiring only three short visits to campus during their training to complete their Leadership and Management in Public Health course.  

Admission Information

Like other MPH concentrations, applicants are required to apply for admission through SOPHAS and meet minimum admission standards including a bachelor's degree with an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0, GRE score (or approved substitution), academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, resume or CV, and application fee.  Click here for a complete list of general MPH admissions requirements and instructions.

In addition to general MPH admission requirements, applicants must use their SOPHAS essay to describe their career goals and purpose for study, with additional details on why the applicant is best suited to join the online/hybrid Leadership and Public Health Practice MPH program.  One of the applicant's letters of recommendation must come from a supervisor, professor or another reference familiar with the applicant's professional and/or academic work.

Applicants must also demonstrate a minimum of 3 years, preferably 5 years, of post-baccalaureate professional experience. Preference will be given to those with experience in public health, public administration or social service, although experience in other fields will be considered.

MPH Admissions Information | SOPHAS online application​​

On-Campus Leadership Requirement

The LPH program requires students to visit campus over the course of two years, in order to complete the management and leadership course requirements. These visits are schedule in late August and early May of each year. Students will finalize their residency plans with their program advisory.  Students are responsible for their travel and lodging expenses to and from campus during the duration of each leadership course.

Program Curriculum

Course #​ Course Requirement Credit Hours

Core MPH Courses (offered online)

PUBH 6600 Foundations in Public Health


BIOS 6601 Applied Biostatistics


EPID 6630​ ​Epidemiology ​3
EHOH 6614​ ​Occupational and Environmental Health 3​
​CBHS 6610 ​Social and Behavioral Factors in Health ​3
​HSMP 6603 ​Health Systems and Management ​3
Concentration Course Requirements - 15 units
​CBHS (tbd) Public Health Leadership and Management* ​4
​CBHS 6612 ​Methods in Research and Evaluation** ​3
​EPID 6640 ​Investigation of Disease Outbreaks** ​2
​EHOH 6622
​PH Emergency Preparedness & Community Resilience** ​3
​HSMP (tbd)
​Management, Budgeting, and PH administration*
Concentration Electives​ ​- choose 6 credits for your electives from any of the following online classes; you may also have the option of taking any in-peron course from the CSPH course catalog (note: if you have waived PUBH 6600 you may choose 2 more credits from this list)
(Fall CSU)
One Health (intersects people, places, and the environment) 
GERO 5600 (Fall UNC) Community Resources for the Elderly 3​
GERO 6400 (Fall UNC) Health Aspects of Aging
GERO 6250 (Spring UNC) Psychosocial Community Resources for the Elderly
​GERO 6350 (Spring UNC)
​Social Policies of Aging ​3
​CH 56250 (Fall-odd years- UNC)
​Contemporary Issues in School Health
​BIOS 6685 ​Introduction to PH Informatics ​3
​BIOS 6603/04 ​SPESS or SAS Lab
​CBHS 6628
​Technology Based Health Promotion
​EHOH 6633 (Fall) ​International Travel & Health ​1
​CBHS 6620
(in 2015) Fall - odd years
​Survey Research
​Practicum ​2
​ ​Capstone 2
​​ Total Program​ ​42

Cost of Attendance and WRGP

Tuition rates for the online MPH are equivalent to on-campus programs, with the exception that each online course does have an online fee.  Click here for the current tuition rate and cost of attendance information. Students are also responsible for their cost of travel to and from campus three times per year and related lodging expenses as part of the leadership course.

The Colorado School of Public Health is please to participated in the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP).  As a participating school, admitted applicants who are residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands will receive the benefit of in state tuition rates.

Suggested Course Plan

Although students do not have to follow the suggested course plan, concentration-specific courses, including the leadership courses, should be taken in the suggested order whenever possible.

Fall Year 1 Spring Year 1​ ​Summer Year 1 Fall Year 2 Spring Year 2
PUBH 6600 (2 credits) ​BIOS 6601 (3 credits) Practicum (2 credits)

Capstone Project (2 credits)

HSMP 6603 (3 credits) ​EHOH 6614 (3 credits) Elective (3 credits)​ Electives (2 credits)

Electives (6 credits)

Elective (3 credits) ​EPID 6630 (3 credits) ​CBHS 6610 (3 credits) CBHS 6612 (3 credits)


Leadership (1 credit) 3 days in August​ ​Leadership (1 credit) 4 days in January and May ​Leadership (1 credit) 3 days in August ​Leadership (1 credit) 4 days in January and May
credits: 9​
credits: 10
c​redits: 7
credits: 8
credits: 8

Course Sequencing

We suggest a specific sequence of courses based on availability and frequency of the online courses; students will have the option to set their own course sequence. The exceptions to this are the course in Public Health Leadership, which will be completed over four program semesters; and any courses that have required pre-requisites.  All core courses will be offered at least once each year.  Note: BIOS 6601 has been offered online every semester in recent years, but offerings may be reduced to once or twice per year.  Thus no semester is indicated in the sequencing tables below.

*Course has prerequisites that can be taken online 
**Course will be offered as an intensive, short term face-face session during summer term

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