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Maternal & Child Health Courses

What is MCH-Link?

Through an innovative scholarship program, the Colorado School of Public Health is offering graduate level Maternal and Child Health (MCH) courses that address the current educational and training needs of practicing MCH professionals working in hard-to-reach areas of the Rocky Mountain region. This program will provide intensive public health education and skills development at a distance while allowing you to maintain your work and family responsibilities. The 1-credit courses will be offered without charge to a limited number of eligible MCH workers in rural, frontier, or tribal underserved areas in the Rocky Mountain region, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The majority of courses will be offered online.

Who is eligible for MCH-Link?

The MCH-Link Scholarship Program is designed for practicing public health professionals who have a strong desire to enhance their current education and training by taking online graduate level courses. You must have a bachelor's degree, and currently serve Maternal & Child Health populations (women, children, and/or their families) in a rural, frontier, or tribal community in the Rocky Mountain Region.

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About the Courses

The 1-credit graduate level courses offered by the MCH-Link program are provided at no cost to eligible applicants and are designed to address the special educational needs of diverse public health professionals who serve MCH populations (women, children, and/or their families). Most courses will be offered online, and topics covered include: maternal and childhood nutrition, public health nutrition, intimate partner violence, early childhood health, adolescent health, sexual and reproductive health, and childhood obesity. Two conference-based courses cover topics related to current issues in Maternal & Child Health, and the latest research in American Indian and Alaska Native childhood development.  ​

Fall 2018

Early Childhood Health in America: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Toxic Stress, and Health Equity
Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Greenwell, ScD
Course Delivery: Online, 1 credit hour

This 1-credit graduate-level course provides an overview of early childhood health issues in the United States. By advancing a compelling new documentary series ‘The Raising of America’ the course will use a child equity and public health lens to address how brain development and early life conditions such as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), toxic stress, and physical and social environmental factors affect long term health outcomes. Each topic covered in the course will integrate a review of programs, policies, community partnerships, and evidence-based prevention strategies.

Adolescent Health
Instructor: Dr. Ashley Brooks-Russell, PhD, MPH
Course Delivery: Online, 1 credit hour

This 1-credit graduate-level course will provide an overview of major adolescent health issues, with a strong focus on the United States. The course will take a public health perspective and integrate a review of evidence-based prevention strategies into each health topic covered in the course.  The course is designed for graduate students in public health and related areas.

Nutrition & Public Health
Instructor: Dr. Kirsten Black, PhD, MPH, RD
Course Delivery: Online, 1 credit hour

This 1-credit graduate-level course begins with an overview of nutrition and its relation to health and disease. Students will learn to evaluate public health nutrition research and address theories and frameworks, food insecurity, food policies and regulations, and federal nutrition programs.

Maternal Nutrition
Instructor: Dr. Penny Bennett, PhD, MPH, CNM
Course Delivery: Online, 1 credit hour
Pre-requisite: CBHS 6670 Nutrition and Public Health, or a basic nutrition course at the undergraduate or graduate level

This 1-credit graduate-level course provides an overview of nutrition issues which may affect pregnant and breastfeeding women. Using a life-course perspective, the course integrates clinical information with public health practice, and also provides insight into the impact of traditional dietary practices during this vulnerable period.

Childhood Nutrition
Instructor: Dr. Heather Aldrich, PhD
Course Delivery: Online, 1-credit hour
Pre-requisite: CBHS 6670 Nutrition and Public Health, or a basic nutrition course at the undergraduate or graduate level

This 1-credit graduate-level course provides an overview of child nutrition from infancy to adolescence.  Key child nutrition topics and challenges will be covered within the context of public health.

Current & Regional Issues in Maternal & Child Health
Instructor: Dr. Kathy Kennedy, DrPH, MA
Course Delivery: In-person course with Public Health in the Rockies, 1-credit hour
Dates: August 29-31, 2018
Location: Copper Mountain, Colorado

This 1-credit graduate-level course will be offered in-person and convenes during the Public Health in the Rockies Conference. With guidance from the instructor, students attending the conference will explore leadership needs and actions taken at the system level. Course learning objectives include:

  • Describe challenges to MCH in their state, county or tribal community.
  • Access current, major sources of MCH data and information about their community.
  • Explain best and promising practices in current MCH programs.
  • Network with other MCH professionals about public health topics.

Course tuition and university fees will be covered by the MCH-Link Scholarship Program. For more information, please contact Elizabeth.Greenwell@ucdenver

Application Requirements

​Applications for the MCH-Link scholarship program will be accepted on a rolling basis. You must fill out and submit the MCH-Link Application Form and all required documents. Our faculty will determine eligibility based on the information presented in your application. If accepted, we will guide you through the non-degree application and course registration process.

More information about application requirements​​​​​​


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