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University of Colorado Denver

Colorado School of Public Health

Our identity and mission

An identity of collaboration

Colorado School of Public Health Group

To stand at the forefront of a changing world, you will need the passion and identity of a collaborator and innovator. At the Colorado School of Public Health we hold both.  As an accredited, collaborative school of public health, we stand ready to create healthier futures, build stronger partnerships and steward shared resources for the betterment and health of communities in Colorado and around the world.

As a collaboration of the University of Colorado*, Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado, we are redefining the identity of public health to be an identity of collaboration.

Across Colorado you’ll find our research teams in schools - working hand in hand with teachers to improve the health of local youth; our students in clinics - assisting healthcare providers with improvements to the health of diverse and changing populations; and our staff at local nonprofits – advancing our mission of health in the classroom and community. 

Quick Facts

Founded: July 1, 2008
Dean: David C. Goff, Jr., MD, PhD, Professor of Epidemiology

Student Enrollment (Fall 2014)

:: MPH | 404 students
:: MS | 35 students
:: DrPH | 20 students
:: PhD | 43 students
:: Certificates | 92 students
:: Non-degree | 48 students

Institutions and Campuses

:: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
:: Colorado State University
:: University of Northern Colorado


:: Biostatistics and Informatics
:: Community and Behavioral Health
:: Environmental and Occupational Health
:: Epidemiology
:: Health Systems, Management and Policy

Points of Pride

:: The first accredited and only collaborative school of public health in the region

:: In partnership with Children's Hospital Colorado, home to a World Health Organization Collaborating Center on Promoting Family and Child Health

:: $4.1 Million Association of Public Health Laboratories collaboration on newborn screening

:: CDC, HRSA and NIOSH nationally-funded research and training centers

:: Get to know other points of pride - visit our Strategic Initiatives and Strengths

Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To promote the physical, mental, social and environmental health of people 
and communities in the Rocky Mountain Region and globally. The mission will 
be accomplished through collaborations in education, population-based research, 
and community service that bring together institutions, agencies and diverse populations.

Our Vision:

The Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH), a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, 
multi-institutional, learning, research and service environment, will inspire academicians,
practitioners and students of public health to work collaboratively to assure that all 
people and communities are healthy and their environment sustainable.


The school officially opened on July 1, 2008 following decades of dedicated development. Planning for the school was initiated by a partnership of public health practitioners, academics, and business leaders.  The partnership formed an official taskforce in 2002 in order to develop a strategic plan and seek the funding necessary to open a school of public health.  The task force was successful and instrumental in the decision to open the school as a collaboration.  In August of 2007 each university president or chancellor signed a memorandum of understanding to open the school and the founding dean was appointed that December. Within months the school admitted its first class of students, setting the stage for growth and future development.  Among those developments, the school received full accreditation from the Council on Education for Public Health October 2010.

Today the school enrolls more than 500 students, with over 100 full time faculty across the three university campuses. Each day the school finds new and innovative ways to expand its work, build partnerships and achieve the goal of a healthier region and world.

Key dates in history
  • August 2007 - University of Colorado Board of Regents approve opening region's first school of public health in collaboration with Colorado State University and University of Northern Colorado
  • December 2007 - Founding Dean Richard Hamman, MD, DrPH appointed to lead the school
  • July 2008 - Colorado School of Public Health officially opens
  • August 2008 - First class of students enroll, joining students from former department of preventive medicine & biometrics to form the school's comprehensive student body
  • January 2009 - CU Denver faculty and staff relocate school offices and classrooms to new Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO
  • May 2009 - School hosts its first convocation ceremony, honoring graduates with tri-university diploma
  • January 2010 - School enrolls first DrPH student
  • May 2010 - School hosts accreditation site visit
  • October 2010 - School receives accreditation from Council on Education for Public Health
  • December 2010 - Founding Dean Hamman steps down, returning to full time research and teaching role in the Department of Epidemiology
  • January 2011 - Associate Dean for Faculty Judith Albino, PhD appointed as Interim Dean
  • June 1, 2012 -David C. Goff, Jr., MD, PhD begins role as the school's new Dean
  • July 1, 2013 - The Colorado School of Public Health marks five years of collaboration, creating health and building futures
  • Health Equity & Diversity

    Our Commitment to Diversity and Health Equity:

    The Inclusion, Diversity and Health Equity mission of the Colorado School of Public Health 
    is to build a diverse and representative academic community which recognizes the 
    importance of social and economic justice in relation to health. The CSPH will work to 
    build an inclusive, culturally competent institution which includes the environment, policies 
    and procedures, faculty, staff, leadership and student body.



     *The Colorado School of Public Health is officially accredited as a collaboration of the University of Colorado Denver, Colorado State University (CSU) and the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). The University of Colorado Denver is part of the University of Colorado System and operates on two campuses, the downtown Denver campus and the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colo. 

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