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Metabolomics Core Facility Services

The Metabolomics Core Facility provides a range of services, including:

  • Single metabolite identification.
  • General metabolomics screening.
  • Relative quantification of metabolite levels.
  • Targeted metabolic pa​thway analysis.
  • Metabolic Flux Analysis.
  • Processing and validation of acquired data using metabolite databases and/or authentic standards.
  • The core maintains a metabolite library of >650 authentic standards used for in-house matching of retention times, MS fragmentation spectra, and relative quantification. The library is continuously expanding in accordance with user needs.​

Metabolomic studies are performed on cells and media, biological fluids (blood, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.), tissues, organs, and tumor xenograft sections. Approaches to sample preparation and sample amount required for analysis may vary by experiment, so please discuss research questions with a Metabolomics Core member before submitting samples.

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