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Basic Guidelines and Protocols

General Sample Preparation for Metabolomics Core Users:


Benchmarks for sample amounts*

Sample Type Optimal Range Minimum
Cell pellet
​1-2x106 cells
​1x105 cells
Biofluids​ ​10-100 uL ​-
Tissue ​2-10 mg ​-
 *All amounts listed are "per sample" or "per replicate"

Preparation of cellular samples:

1) Collect 0.1 mL of supernatants and freeze (-80 oC) immediately, while discarding residual supernatants.

2) Trypsinize cultured cells (~2x106 cells - please provide specific counts as lysis buffer volume is normalized according to cell counts) and spin down in 1.5-2 mL Eppendorf tubes in  cold(4 oC) PBS at 10,000 rpm for 10min at 4 oC.

3) After removing PBS, immediately freeze cell pellets by flash freezing or storing at -80 oC.

4) Transport samples to core on dry ice.

Shipping instructions:

Samples should be stored in tightly capped tubes and the tubes directly labeled with a distinct and simple number or letter (e.g., 1 through 85 or A through M). We encourage you to include a sample list with more information about replicates and groupings in the box. Please do not parafilm tubes or use sticky labels as these often fall off or move during transit.

Please ship samples overnight on dry ice to the address below and email tracking information to your contact person at the Core:

Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility - Metabolomics

University of Colorado Denver

12801 E. 17th Ave, Room 1303

Aurora, CO 80045


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