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UCD Mass Spectrometry Shared Resource



The Proteomics Facility UC Denver is no longer using paper forms to receive samples.

Effective March 2, 2015, the Proteomics Facility UC Denver will use a new online submission process, in collaboration with iLab, to streamline the process of requesting services as well as billing. We urge everybody to submit their requests through the online system, preferentially before submitting the samples. Even better, please contact a Proteomics Facility member before starting an experiment to make sure that your sample is in a state ready for analysis.

To register for an account:

     1. Click  here to login and register.
     2. Log in with your University ID and password.

 To Create a Service Request:

     1. Click the 'Request Services' tab, follow by the 'Initiate Request' tab.

    2. You will be asked to answer a few questions about the sample which will help the Proteomics Facility to determine the type of services and the relevant charges to complete your request. If you can, please provide payment information for your request before submitting the request to the core.

    3. Your request will be pending review by the core. The core will add charges and submit it back to you for approval. Make sure to watch for an email from iLab regarding your updated project.

     4. User will receive an automated iLab email to approve a price quote after the Core reviews the request.


The goal of the Proteomics Facility is to provide investigators with the capabilities to identify, characterize and quantify the proteins present in tissues, cells and biological fluids. Through the development of advanced methods, the Facility aims to assist members with solving difficult or previously intractable problems in biomedical research. Methods for protein and peptide isolation, separations, quantification, identification and bioinformatics analysis, together with expert guidance in study design, are integrated into expertise offered by the Facility. The Facility has access to several analytical technologies thereby allowing investigators to adopt multiple strategies and to independently verify their findings. The Facility also provides training in proteomics analysis and experimental design.

The facility participates in a series of short courses relating to aspects of mass spectrometry and proteomics. Both lecture-based and hands-on courses are available, and these are open to outside participants. If you are interested in attending any of these please email Dr. Kirk Hansen.

Work performed in or by the Facility should be acknowledged. A reprint of all publications and presentations that include data obtained in the/by the facility are retained for our records. This assists us to document activities and aids us in gaining funding to maintain and upgrade the facility.

UC Proteomics Facility is a Beta Test Site for Protein Prospector

Several advancements have been made to the search engine Protein Prospector over the past 3 years. This suite of protein informatic tools is now able to batch search tandem mass spectrometry data files and perform protein quantification for a number of stable isotope methods. The new implementation of expectation values reduces the number of false positives while increasing the number of correct identifications. Two recent publications in MCP detail some of the recent developments.

ABRF Studies

The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) sponsors yearly studies to assist proteomics research labs and cores evaluate their capabilities to identify and characterize "unknown" protein samples. The goal is to evaluate the technologies and educate their members. Results of past studies are posted on their site. These studies have aimed to address groups abilities to identify proteins in a simple mixture, identification of phosphorylation sites, discrimination of protein isoforms, and accuracy of de novo peptide sequencing.

Mass Spectrometry

The facility is a collaborative research resource that balances applied proteomics research with the development of new and improved methods for protein identification and quantification. The facility encourages collaborations that apply the tools of proteomics to biomedical research. Prospective users are encouraged to contact Dr. Monika Dzieciatkowska, Dr. Kirk Hansen or Dr. Mark Duncan.

The Proteomics Facility is housed within the Mass Spectrometry Research Center on the ground floor of RC-1 South at the Anschutz Medical Campus.