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Supporting Students

Student Concerns

Based on experiences from associate deans, chairs, faculty, undergraduate advisors, and student services staff, the College compiled a prioritized list of student concerns and complaints involving faculty, and provided suggestions on how to address them.

The first five to six student concerns happen with some frequency. While student complaints at the bottom of the list happen less frequently, those that do occur are often difficult to resolve.

Faculty Won't Communicate with Student
Faculty Won't Communicate Grade Information and Course Standing to Student
Faculty Didn't Inform Student They Were Dropped from Wait List or Not Registered
Faculty Won't Award Incomplete grade (IW or IF) — student pressure for Incomplete
Student Complains about Course Grade — informal to faculty or formal to College
Faculty Humiliate Students in Class
Student Fails to Meet [Dean's List, Graduation, Financial Aid, or Visa] Requirements
Faculty Miss Class (no substitute) or are Late to Class/Examination
Faculty Give Examinations During Quiet Week
Faculty Don't Adhere to Guidelines for end of semester course/instructor evaluation
Faculty Ignore Wait Lists When Adding Students to Class
Faculty Are Charged With Sexual Harassment
  • familiarize yourself with CU policies on sexual harassment
  • keep all faculty-student relationships at the highest professional level
  • avoid suggestive language/jokes that can be considered sexual harassment
  • refer all cases of alleged sexual harassment to Ombuds Office