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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Minor in Religious Studies


This Program draws together the University's resources across many disciplines to offer a concentration in the area of Religious Studies.  Religion is a complex and multi-faceted phenomenon involving the overarching worldview of a culture, its social norms, ethics and politics.  In the private dimension, religious experiences are among the most profound an individual can have.  In the public sphere, religion has inspired powerful institutional forms, literary and artistic works throughout history and across the globe.  This Program is designed to foster a nuanced understanding of religious phenomena, and to cultivate critical skills in the discipline of Religious Studies

General Requirements

The minor requires 18 hours, at least 9 of which must be at upper division, at least 9 of which must be taken at UCD from CLAS faculty.  A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 for all UCD courses taken in the Minor is required, with no individual course grade lower than a "C".

Required Courses

(9 credit hours)

  • RLST 1610 "Introduction to Religious Studies" (3 credit hours).  This course provides an orientation to the discipline.  Students will be expected to develop a knowledge of methodologies utilized, issues and controversies which have characterized the academic study of religion.
  • A 3 credit hour course in Western Religion from approved list
  • A 3 credit hour course in Eastern Religion from approved list

Western Religion Courses: Approved List

  • RLST 2660 World Religions *** 
  • RLST 3000 Judaism and Christianity: Affinity and Difference
  • RLST 3060/HIST 4017 History of Early Christianity
  • RLST 3200/ETST 3224/HIST 3810 U.S. Middle East Culture and Religion 
  • RSLT 2700/ENGL 2520 The Bible as Literature 
  • RLST 3740 Biblical Traditions: Hebrew Bible 
  • RLST 3760 Biblical Traditions: New Testament 
  • RLST 3770 Archaeological Discoveries Relating to the Bible
  • RLST 4070/PHIL 4710 Western Religious Thought
  • RLST 4400/PHIL 3680 Differing Concepts of God
  • RLST 4440/PHIL 4470 Concepts of the Soul *** 
  • RLST 4460 Death and Concepts of Afterlife ***

***Fulfills requirement for either Eastern or Western Religion, but not both simultaneously

Eastern Religion Courses

  • RLST 2660 World Religions ***
  • RLST 3400/PHIL 3666 Asian Philosophies and Religions
  • RLST 3500 Religions of India
  • RLST 3600/HIST 3210 Comparative Religion: Religions of China
  • RLST 3660/PHIL 3981 Chinese Philosophy
  • RLST 4080/PHIL 4720 Eastern Religious Thought
  • RLST 4160 Mysticism
  • RLST 4440 Concepts of the Soul ***
  • RLST 4460 Death and Concepts of Afterlife ***

***Fulfills requirement for either Eastern or Western Religion, but not both simultaneously

Elective Courses

The remaining 9 credits to equal the required 18 hours will count as electives, to be chosen from the approved lists (above).

Specific other classes, such as certain Special Topics classes, various Art History classes featuring religious themes, and others may count toward the Minor at the discretion of the course Instructor and the Director of the Program.