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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Master of Social Sciences Program

Women's and Gender Studies Track


Director: MH: Dr. Margaret Woodhull
Director: MSS: Dr. Omar Swartz

Political Science: Dr. Jana Everett
History: Dr. Marjorie Levine-Clark

English: Dr. Gillian Silverman, Director WGST Programming


The Women’s and Gender Studies Track is earned within the Master of Social Science degree, an interdisciplinary Master's degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Denver. Women’s and Gender Studies are based in feminist theory, queer theory, post-colonial and ethnic studies and a variety of social sciences and cultural studies. Students pursuing the WGST track, focus on issues of sex and gender as they manifest in societies through culture, language, politics, visual representation, and history. They take coursework in social theory, feminist theory and gender studies that emphasizes critical thinking about the condition of women and the role of gender in both historical and in contemporary experience. Students will take 9 hours of required course work in social sciences and pursue track requirements as outlined below.

MSS Core Program Requirements (9 credit hours):

  • SSC 5013 Philosophical Problems in the Social Sciences and Humanities
  • SSC 5020 Elements of Social Thought
  • SSC 5023 Research Perspectives in the Social Sciences

Track Requirements:

WGS Courses:

Of the 36 credit hours of graduate course work required for the MSS degree, at least 15 hours of coursework are constituted by the following track requirements:
Please note that some of these courses may have prerequisites that must be met.

Feminism and Gender Theory Seminar: Methods and Theories of Feminism and Gender Studies, SSC 6010: (3 credit hours)

An interdisciplinary seminar focused on foundational and contemporary texts in feminist and gender studies. Course provides students with the theoretical and research tools for pursuing advanced studies in feminist and gender studies. Typically offered in the fall.

Women’s and Gender Studies and Identity-Related Courses: (student must take at least 9, and up to 21, credit hours of elective courses) These courses must be explicitly women’s and/or gender based courses. They can be taken through any UCD department or program with the approval of an advisor. Social Science students may take no more than 2 Humanities identified courses towards their degree requirements. Sample courses are listed below (Please note that some of these courses may be taught sporadically. Students should meet with their advisor to plan their course of study.):

  • ANTH 5200 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • CMMU 5020-3 Feminist Perspectives on Communication
  • CMMU 5045-3 Female-Male Friendships
  • CMMU 5265-3 Gender and Communication
  • CJ 5553 Seminar Women and Criminal Justice
  • ETST 4555-3 International Women’s Resistance
  • ETST 4827-3/P SC 4827 Women and the Law
  • P SC 4215 Women’s Rights, Human Rights: Global Perspectives
  • P SC 5555 International Women’s Resistance
  • P SC 4564 Gender and Politics
  • P SC 5245 Gender and International Development
  • P AD 5910 Women and Violence: A Sociological Perspective
  • P AD 5920 Psychology of Violence against Women
  • P AD 5930 Battered Women and the Law
  • SOC5550 Seminar Sociology of the Family
  • S SC 5720 Sexuality, Gender, and Visual Representation

Optional Women’s and Gender Studies Internship (Optional 3 credit hours maximum)

Work in the community that concerns gender issues, on a paid or volunteer basis, supplemented with written work reflecting on the scholarly aspects of the experience under the supervision of a faculty member.

Thesis or Project on a Women’s- and/or Gender Studies-Related Topic (3-6 credit hours)

Research project or thesis under the supervision of a three-member faculty committee. See program requirements for details.

For more information about this track and the Master of Social Science program, contact the director or assistant director at: E-mail: