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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UC Denver

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The unique intellectual challenge of anthropology is to integrate knowledge from many disciplines for a global understanding of cultural and biological diversity in the past and the present. Individual courses in cultural, biological anthropology, and archaeology cut across lines of the humanities, social, and natural sciences.

Because of this integrative perspective on the human condition, and the training provided in objectively assessing cultural patterning and social interaction, an advanced degree in anthropology provides a versatile base for career development.

In particular, the department’s training provides entry to a variety of careers in archaeology, education, community service, public health, public administration, development, and international affairs and business. The specific skills it provides are useful to students of environmental design, city planning, community development, the medical and nursing professions and allied health sciences, law, public affairs, and secondary education.

For students considering the possibility of doctoral-level work in anthropology, the department has an excellent record in placing students in top-tier graduate programs.

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