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Faculty & Staff Directory

Patrick M. Krueger, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Curriculum Vitae​
Email: Patrick Krueger
Office Location: North Classroom 3021B 
Phone: (303) 556-5932
Fax: (303) 315-2149
Office hours: By appointment
Areas of Expertise:
Sociology, demography, population health​


Education & Degrees

Post-doc, Population Health, Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholar, University of Pennsylvania, 2006

Ph.D., Population Health, Demography, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2004

B.A. Department of Sociology, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1998

B.S. Department of Psychology, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1998


I draw on my training in Sociology and Demography to pursue research on the social determinants of health, health behaviors, and mortality. My recent projects examine how socioeconomic status and family dynamics shape the practice of health behaviors including smoking, drinking, exercise, and sleep duration. I also examine whether the consequences for those behaviors for mortality vary across social groups.

Because my research sits at the intersection of the social sciences and the health sciences, I typically work with inter-disciplinary teams. Indeed, I have collaborated with researchers in sociology, demography, economics, public health , psychology, communications, and medicine. I typically rely on the rigorous application of quantitative methods in my research.

Select Publications

Lopez, William D., Patrick M. Krueger, and Scott T. Walters. 2010. “High-Risk Drug Use and Sexual Behaviors among Out-of-Treatment Drug Users: An Aging and Life Course Perspective.” Addictive Behaviors 35(5): 432-437

Pampel, Fred C., Patrick M. Krueger, and Justin T. Denney. 2010. “Socioeconomic Disparities in Health Behaviors.” Annual Review of Sociology 36:349-370.

Rogers, Richard G., Bethany G. Everett, Jarron M. SaintOnge, and Patrick M. Krueger. 2010. “Social, Behavioral, and Biological Factors, and Sex Differences in Mortality.” Demography 47(3):555-578

Krueger, Patrick M., Tajudaullah Bhaloo, and Pauline Vaillancourt Rosenau. 2009. “Health Lifestyles in the U.S. and Canada: Are We Really So Different?” Social Science Quarterly 90(5):1380-1402.

Krueger, Patrick M. and Elliot Friedman. 2009. “The Correlates of Sleep Duration in the United States: A Cross-Sectional Population Based Study.” American Journal of Epidemiology, 169:1052-63.

Krueger, Patrick M., and Virginia Chang. 2008. “Being Poor and Coping with Stress: Health Behaviors and the Risk of Death.” American Journal of Public Health, 98:889-96.

Krueger, Patrick M., and Samuel H. Preston. 2008. “Cohort Fertility Patterns and Breast Cancer Mortality Rates among U.S. Women, 1948-2003.” Demographic Research, 18:263-84.

Krueger, Patrick M., Richard G. Rogers, Cristóbal Ridao-Cano, and Robert A. Hummer. 2004. “To Help or To Harm?: Food Stamp Receipt and Mortality Risk Prior to the 1996 Welfare Reform Act.” Social Forces, 82(4):1573-99.

Courses Taught

HBSC 7061: Quantitative Methods in Health and Behavioral Sciences

SOC 3520: Medical Sociology