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Degree Requirements


​Coursework for the MA in Communication

We offer a 33 credit (eleven 3-credit classes) Master of Arts in Communication with an optional Public Relations certificate. Requirements include 1 introductory class, 1 methods class, 5 graduate seminars, and 4 electives. Two of the electives may be taken outside of the Communication Department.
Students may also opt to write an MA thesis, which requires an original research paper written during 3-6 credits of thesis elective hours.

Required: 1 Introductory Class

COMM 6013, Introduction to Graduate Work in Communication (only offered in Fall semesters in the evenings)

Required: 1 Methods Class

Choose one methods class from list below. We try to offer at least one a year.

COMM 5011, Research Methods: Quantitative
COMM 5022, Critical Analysis of Communication
COMM 5205, Empirical Research Methods for Communication
COMM 5221, Research Methods: Qualitative
COMM 5710, Media Criticism
COMM 5710, Film Criticism 
Required: 5 Seminars
Sample Seminars (offered evenings, not all are offered every year)
We offer a rotating list that often includes classes such as:
COMM 5240, Organizational Communication
COMM 5710, Media Theory
COMM 5710, Critical Theory
COMM 5710, Communication, Globalization, and Social Justice
COMM 5710, Organizational Discourse
COMM 5710, Communication and Security 
Required: 4 Electives
Sample electives (offered day and evenings, schedule depends, not all are offered every term):
COMM 5040, Communication, Prisons, and Social Justice
COMM 5250, Difference Matters and Organizational Communication
COMM 5255, Negotiations and Bargaining
COMM 5260, Communication and Conflict
COMM 5265, Gender and Communication
COMM 5270, Intercultural Communication
COMM 5280, Communication and Change
COMM 5282, Environmental Communication
COMM 5300, Multimedia Authoring
COMM 5710, Organizational Discourse
COMM 5710, New Media
COMM 5500, Health Communication
COMM 5550, Rhetorics of Medicine & Health
COMM 5620, Health Risk Communication
COMM 5621, Visual Communication
COMM 5635, Principles of Public Relations
COMM 5640, Advanced Public Relations
COMM 5665, Principles of Advertising
COMM 5840, Independent Study
COMM 5939, MA Internship
COMM 5995, Travel Study (China, Spain, Italty, Guatemala, and more)
COMM 6950, Master’s Thesis