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TriBeta News and Events


The Phi Rho Chapter of βββ would like to invite you to our first meeting of the Fall semester. Phi Rho is the UCD chapter of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society. Our chapter is committed to fostering the national βββ priorities including:

  • Encouraging scholarly activities
  • Disseminating scientific knowledge
  • Promoting scientific research by students

We will meet in SI 4127 at 2pm Friday September 6, 2013. That's today! This first gathering will provide an understanding of the honor society and the benefits of membership. In addition, we have a guest speaker at each meeting to discuss current research in the Denver metro area, or other opportunities for students. Tomorrow's speaker is Dr. Aimee Bernard, who will discuss opportunities for student internships through the Experiential Learning Center (ELC) for CLAS students. If you are interested in βββ, but unable to attend tomorrow's meeting please contact me at for information and a list of other meetings this year. There are many opportunities though βββ and the new officer team is excited to discuss them tomorrow!


Chris Lind
βββ Phi Rho Chapter President


April 12-13, 2013 

Honor students from Integrative Biology recognized at Western District Conference.

Seven undergraduates representing the CU Denver Phi Rho Chapter of Tri Beta, the National Biological Honor Society, presented their research at the Western District Conference hosted by Colorado Mesa University from 12-13 April .  For the second year in a row, Tanya (Tatyana) Liakhova received the John C. Johnson Award for her poster presentation, which was entitled Molecular Interactions and Membrane Targeting of Granuphilin C2 Domains.  Tanya’s research was mentored by Jefferson Knight (Chemistry).  Heather Dirkmaat, Daniel Polanco, Rachel Ancar, and Mike Renecle were also recognized with awards in their respective categories.  High-achieving Biology majors should contact Chapter Advisor Leo P. Bruederle (Integrative Biology) for information about membership in the Phi Rho Chapter and research opportunities in biology