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Recession-proof your future

Recession-Proof You Future

UCD Student: What can you do to "recession-proof" your future?

Yes __ No __ I know where to look to find work in my field of study after I graduate.

Yes __ No __ I have work or professional experience in my field of study.

Yes __ No __ I know how to prepare a resume that will help me gain career experience.

Yes __ No __ I know which professional associations I should join.

If you answered "no" to any of the above questions, come to the Experiential Learning CenterTivoli 260 (office hours 8am - 5pm). We can help you find the experience you need to recession-proof your career!

While the national news may report significant employment downsizing throughout the country, college employment markets continue to hold the most promise for one group: students who graduate with experience in their career field. One important effect of the economic downturn is that it has pushed employers to hire new staff from among their student interns, cooperative education positions, part-time workers and volunteers.

  • This economy will eventually turn around, so actively plan for your future. Gain experience in your field of study prior to graduation, clarify which of your skills are useful to employers, and develop your internship search in both traditional and nontraditional industries as well as geographical areas by visiting with your internships advisor at the Experiential Learning Center (ELC).
  • Sign up beginning your sophomore yearor as soon as possible. This means developing a resume and cover letter, and searching for employers at least 1 to 2 semesters prior to seeking your experience or job.
  • Utilize the UCD internships listing services (available at the ELC) and career search services (available at the Career Center, Tivoli 267) to review potential positions and employers.
  • Stay abreast of employer events, job and internship fairs, job search support assistance and alumni networking programs provided by the ELC, Career Center, campus departments and student organizations. Join a professional association affiliated with the field in which you plan to work. Some associations have student chapters.

The UCD Experiential Learning Center is a valuable resource with a mission to assist you in developing key career skills, competing in the job market upon graduation, and supporting your transition to the professional world. We are committed to helping you succeed by helping you to remain positive and take an active role in the planning of your future.

We look forward to working with you!