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National History Day in Colorado

General Rules for All Categories

These are the rules from the National History Day Rule Book, with some additions that relate to the Colorado contests. Download a copy of the NHD Rule Book​

A rules infraction is a violation of any of the rules stated in the Contest Rule Book (the majority of which appear below). Judges will take any rule infractions insto consideration int their final ranksings. Failure to comply with the rules will count against your entry but will only result in disqualification as delineated below. Any rules infractions should be corrected before a winning entry competes in the next level of competition.

Disqualification: A project may be disqualified from the contest on three grounds:

1. Plagiarizing all or part of the NHD project. Please note that failing to give proper credit is plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?: NHD defines plagiarism as, "Presenting the work or ideas of others in ways that give the impression that they are your own (copying information word-for-word without using both quotations and citations, paraphrasing an author's ideas without proper attribution, or using visuals or music without giving proper credit)."

2. Reusing, individually or as a group, a project (or research from a project) from a previous year, or entering a project in multiple contests or entry categories within a contest year.

3. Tampering with any part of the project of another student. 

Rule 1: Annual Theme
Rule 2: Contest Participation
Rule 3: Individual or Group Entries
Rule 4: Development Requirements
Rule 5: Construction of Entry
Rule 6: Tampering with Another NHD Entry
Rule 7: Contest Day Setup
Rule 8: Supplying Equipment
Rule 9: Discussion with Judges
Rule 10: Costumes
Rule 11: Prohibited Materials
Rule 12: Title
Rule 13: Written Material
Rule 14: Title Page
Rule 15: Process Paper
Rule 16: Annotated Bibliography
Rule 17: Separation of Primary and Secondary Sources

Rule 18: Style Guides