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National History Day in Colorado

Project: Performance

For examples of student performances that have competed in previous contests, click on the links below:


NHDC National Qualifier Koa Halpern​


Performances from Minnesota History Day national qualifiers


Performance Projects  

In this category, students present their research live to an audience that includes judges. A live performance may be one of the most exciting ways to participate in History Day. However, like the other project types, it comes with a set of strict requirements.


Entries in this category must have dramatic appeal, but not at the expense of historical information. It is easy to get overly focused on the costumes and drama. Students must take care to ensure their performance follows the requirements of sound historical research and presentation.  

Time Limit

Creativity is the key here, and students must make effective use of their 10-minute performance time allowance. There is also a 5-minute limit before and after the performance to set up and take down props. Judges will interview students at the conclusion of their performance.  

Process Paper

Students are required to prepare a process paper in the Performance category.  

Rules for Performances

Click here to view the rules for Performances from NHD.

Students must document the word count for projects in all categories. Refer to the Contest Rule Book for category word limits as well as a guidance on determining word counts in each category. (See: III. Rules for All Categories-- Rule 14).

Performance contestants must include the number of words in the process paper included on the title page.

All the Details

Read the student contest rule book carefully and follow its guidelines. Also see Creating Performance Entries on the National History Day Web site for more information.