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"Education is our passport to the future,

for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." APPLICATION IS NOW OPEN


The CU Pre-Health Scholars Program (CUPS) is an academic enrichment and support program designed to motivate first-generation college-bound students to graduate from high school successfully, complete a college preparatory curriculum, pursue a college education and matriculate into a professional health career program or graduate school program.

This program focuses on academic preparation for students considering future careers in the health fields through rich mentoring, focused lessons, and field trips. High school students begin the program as a cohort, with each cohort (i.e. freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior) focusing on a different academic theme that will supplement their learning. This combination of teaching and mentoring allows for an engaging, hands-on academic experience that will develop confidence and a support system for their journey into higher education and beyond.


To provide a seamless pathway to professional and graduate school admissions for individuals who have traditionally been underrepresented in higher education, and to ensure student success in the STEM and healthcare fields at the collegiate level.



CUPS provides assistance to students throughout their high school years to adequately prepare them to enter the college of their choice when they graduate.

Participation Timeline

Accepted CUPS applicants must participate in all program activities throughout the duration of their high school years. On one Saturday of each month, scholars will participate in academies held on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Freshman, sophomore, and junior CUPS scholars will also participate in a summer program. An outline of CUPS activities for each cohort is below.

Freshman CUPS Scholars
January – May: Attend monthly Saturday Academy meetings
June/July: Participate in a one-week summer program

Sophomore CUPS Scholars
January – May: Attend monthly Saturday Academy meetings
June/July: Participate in a three-week summer program

Junior CUPS Scholars
August – May: Attend monthly Saturday Academy meetings
June/July: Participate in a six-week summer program

Senior CUPS Scholars
August – May: Attend monthly Saturday Academy meetings
No summer program.

Program Eligibility  

  • Must be a current high school freshman or sophomoreand
  • Must have and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout the duration of the programand
  • Must commit to active participation for the duration of their high school years (3.5 year commitment for freshman applicants, 2.5 year commitment for sophomore applicants) and
  • Must be a first-generation college-bound student (neither of whose natural or adoptive parent(s) received a baccalaureate degree in the U.S.) or 
  • Must be a member of a one-parent family or 
  • Must have a desire to pursue a career in healthcare or a related STEM profession after graduation

Program Commitment Requirements

CUPS is committed to providing scholars with every opportunity to develop their academic skills, succeed in high school, and gain entrance into an institution of higher education. However, scholars will gain the benefit from their experiences and fulfill their educational potential only to the extent that they commit themselves to the goals of the Program and actively participate in its activities. Therefore, the Program will expect participants to:

  1. Commit themselves to active participation in the Program for the duration of their high school years (3.5 year commitment for freshman applicants, 2.5 year commitment for sophomore applicants, 1.5 year commitment for junior applicants).

  2. Attend and involve themselves fully in all program-sponsored activities on the Anschutz Medical Campus

  3. Follow a college preparatory curriculum as prescribed by Program staff and high school counselor.

  4. Cooperate with the Program staff in all program-related matters.

  5. Maintain a 3.0 GPA or greater on CUPS semesterly academic assessments throughout high school years.



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