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Provost's Post

Honored to Serve


Aug. 28, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

I am truly honored to serve as Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs.  I have met many of you during the past approximately one-and-a-half years that I have been at UC Denver and look forward to meeting many more of you soon.  To make that happen, Chancellor Wilson and I will be attending faculty meetings in all the schools and colleges as early as possibly this academic year and I welcome the chance to exchange ideas about how best to continue to build our future and build on the excellence of our university.

In the introduction to an important recent book1 Frank H.T. Rhodes, the long-term president of Cornell University, quotes A.N. Whitehead:

“The task of the University is the creation of the future, so far as rational thought, and civilized modes of appreciation, can affect the issue.”  Clearly, the activities we at UC Denver are engaged in will help to build the future of our local and global community and will create a unique, 21st century university.

The start of a new academic year is a busy time of change and renewal for all of us and both are campuses are continuing to experience positive growth and change. 

As a new group of students and trainees arrive at Anschutz Medical Campus, we are also moving in to the Research 2 building.  Many faculty and staff are moving their offices and laboratories from the Colorado and 9th Campus to this new space.  Downtown Campus classes have started and many faculty and staff are moving, or planning to move, into new space there on the 4th and 5th floors of the North Classroom Building or our new building at 1475 Lawrence Street.  Over the summer a draft of a micro-Master Plan for UC Denver facilities downtown revealed exciting possibilities for the campus.  We are ready to review this with the university community and plan to offer town hall meetings soon to allow comment on these draft plans.

We should anticipate that the 2008-2009 academic year will continue to bring further changes.  In fact, as in life itself, change may be the only constant for sometime.  For example, we will be working to implement our new university-wide Strategic Plan, continue the work of consolidation, and prepare a self-study for re-accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission in 2010-2011.  With respect to the Strategic Plan, I look forward to receiving your comments and recommendations as we move forward. As you may know, our current phase of the project includes rank ordering our strategic goals and objectives. I would welcome your feedback as we do this.

In subsequent editions of this missive, I will raise issues about the university and the Academy that I think we should discuss.  Please feel free to send me your comments, suggestions, or ideas about “Building Futures” or other issues at our university.

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1Rhodes, Frank H.T. (2001).  The Creation of the Future.  The Role of the American University.  Cornell University Press.

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