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University Accreditation 2011

The NCA/HLC Accreditation Site Visit is scheduled for April 4-6, 2011

UPDATE - April 7, 2011

In a message to university students, faculty and staff, Provost Roderick Nairn noted the site visit for re-affirmation of accreditation of the University of Colorado Denver by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) was completed yesterday, April 6.

Nairn's message reported, "It was the initial impression of the site visit review team that we had met the standard for all five criteria, and that they plan to recommend continued accreditation for the next ten years.

"The next steps are that the team will complete and submit their report which we then review and correct any errors of fact. Once the report is final, it will be submitted to the HLC for a second-level peer review and then final action. We anticipate that this will take place this summer.

"We are very pleased with this outcome and will keep you informed as the process moves forward. Many thanks to everyone—faculty, staff, and students—for your outstanding work!"


Welcome to the website for the University of Colorado Denver Institutional Accreditation.  Our accrediting agency, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), has scheduled the visit of the review team for April 4-6, 2011. This team of leading educators will visit UC Denver to review the university as a whole and provide recommendations for continued improvement. The reaccreditation review process is a unique opportunity for focused introspection about the university's strengths and challenges- and a chance to gain thoughtful feedback from the team of higher education leaders assembled by the NCA's Higher Learning Commission.

The website has 4 main sections:

The "About Accreditation" section of this website outlines the purposes of institutional accreditation and the process used by the accrediting agency for UC Denver, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. It also describes the accreditation and lists the membership of the major planning group, the University Planning and Accreditation Committee (UPAC).

The "HLC Consultant/Evaluators" section of this website lists the membership of the review team and provides them with some information about the hospitality resources and logistics for their visit.

The "Self-Study and Resource Documents" section contains drafts (and ultimately the final version) of the self-study as a pdf file that can be downloaded. The resource library provides all supporting documentation for the self study and is organized into 4 repositories:

  1. "Reference List" contains the documents cited in the Self Study (organized by Chapter and Component);
  2. "Additional Documents" that support the self study and organized according to the headings prescribed by the HLC;
  3. "Specialized Accreditations" includes the most recent self study and the correspondence with the accrediting agencies, for all academic programs that undergo specialized accreditation, organized by school/college;
  4. "Assessment Reports" contain the annual reports of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment provided by the program to the Director of Assessment and his feedback. The university developed a custom application for this web based "electronic resource room" to provide the review team with enhanced access to the documentation supporting the self study prior to their visit. A special feature of this database is that documents that are considered "confidential" (i.e., need to be restricted to the review team and not available to the public) are protected by a unique password that will be sent to each reviewer.

The "News and Engagement" section of this website includes information about the presentations and events and other communications about the self study and visit of the review team.

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