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University Accreditation 2021

Accreditaton Overview

Higher Learning Commission

The accreditation of schools and colleges in the U.S. is overseen by several regional accrediting agencies.  Colorado is one of 19 states whose schools and colleges are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.  Accreditation by the HLC is required so that the University is able to provide its students with access to Federal Student Aid and Grant programs.  Accreditation of the University of Colorado Denver encompasses both the Denver and Anschutz campuses.

The HLC has two major programs for maintaining accredited status and University of Colorado Denver will be examined under the "Open Pathway"

The Open Pathay program has two major components: a quality initiative project and an assurance argument.  The University submitted a Quaity Initiative proposal entitled "Advancing the Success of Undergraduate Students Through the Development and Integration of Academic Enrichment and Support Programs" in June 2018.  This project is focussed on implementing and adopting the features of the Navigate software and data management system developed by the Education Advisory Board.  The University will prepare and submit a progress report on this Quality Initiative in August 2020.  The Assurance Argument is comprised of five criteria, each with 3-5 subcompnents, plus a section on federal compliance.  The five criteria are

1.  Mission 

2.  Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

3.  Teaching and Learning: Quaiity, Resources and Support

4.  Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

5.  Institutional Effectiveness: Resources and Planning

The Assurance Argument will be submitted in February 2021.

Accreditation and State Regulatory Authorization for Online Education

Please view our document on State authorization for Online Education as well as the complaint process by state.​​​

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