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  Access to Psychotropic Medication & Method Choice in a Suicide Attempt
  Epidemiology Faculty Candidate Seminar | Molly Lamb | The world at their fingertips: Supporting students in their transition to careers in Public Health
   APHA’s is Looking for 2017 Annual Meeting and Expo Reviewers
  Global Health Lecture Series: Global Mental Health - lessons learned and current trends in a field that has finally been brought out of the shadows
  Symposium on Justice Reinvestment: The Solution to Mass Incarceration?
  Health Links™ Webinar: Why Belonging and Significance is the Key to Employee Wellness at Work & at Home
  Public Health Practice Spotlight Forum: Public Health: 2017 & Beyond
  Early Session Colorado Legislation Review!
  An Early Session Colorado Legislation Review
  Symposium on Justice Reinvestment: The Solution to Mass Incarceration?
  Book signing & discussion with CU Law Professor Dayna Bowen Matthew
  "In-Vehicle Technology and Parent Engagement: A Randomized Trial to Improve Safe Teen Driving"
  University of CO Cancer Center CPC Seminar - Achieving High Quality Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions
  Biostatistics Seminar
  Bioinformatics Journal Club
   Organize a pre-conference Learning Institute
  Super Computer (Rosie) Launch Day
  Causal Inference Working Group
  Re-thinking Suicide Prevention: The Challenge of Increasing Rates of Self-Injury Mortality
  Faculty Senate
  Biostatistics Seminar
  Imaging Analysis Working Group
  Health Links™ Webinar: 5 Essential Elements of Well-Being and How To Implement Them in Your Business
  Online Focus Groups to Video Elicitation Interviews: Qualitative Methods for Engaging Participants with Different Abilities – Megan A. Morris
  Propose a RaCAS 2017 Mini-Symposium
  Propose a RaCAS 2017 Mini-Symposium
  APHA: Submit an Abstract
  APHA: Submit an Abstract
  Executive Council Meeting
  APHA: Submit an Abstract
  Inclusive Excellence Student Forum
  APHA: Submit an Abstract
  APHA: Submit an Abstract
  University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 38th Annual Minority Health Conference
  15th Annual Women’s Health Symposium
  Causal Inference Working Group
  Leadership Approaches to Defending and Advancing Prevention and Public Health
  Funding Opportunity for Pilot Projects
  Outstanding Mentor Award
  Label Reading & Nutriton Info Session: Kristen Bing
  Health Links™ Webinar: Family-Friendly Workplaces in Colorado