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Global Health Nursing

Global Health programming at the CU College of Nursing is committed to equipping and training transformational leaders prepared to address disparities and inequities in health care delivery in the U.S. and beyond.

Our Values

  1. Collaboration in partnership development.
  2. Sustainability in project development.
  3. Academic rigor in course work offered.
  4. Service, practice, research and teaching.
  5. Diversity and inclusion with regard to student/faculty involvement.
  6. Capacity building in all project partnerships.

Global Health Sites

Ecuadorian woman sitting in front of a stone house.  


This program provides clinical experience focusing on women's health at a large military hospital in Quito, Ecuador.

Three Guatamalan children leaning out of an open window, smiling for the camera.  


Promote population health and sustainable development in an extremely poor, rural region of soutwest Guatemala (Trifinio).

A man and woman carry vegetables harvested fromt he field in the background. The woman is carrying the vegetables in a basket atop her head while the man carries them on his left shoulder.  


Assess the health of individuals, families and populations while exploring the role of community-oriented nursing care.

A Napalese mother with her infant child on her back.  


In partnership with the Scheer Memorial Hospital in the Central Kathmandu Valley, this cross-disciplinary program focuses on women's health, education, staff development, research and collaboration with the first midwifery program in Nepal.

More Information

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