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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Application Deadlines

All deadline dates are final. All application documents must be received by the deadline at the College of Nursing. To avoid missing the deadline and having incomplete applications, request that your transcripts get sent several weeks early.


* For specific dates of the program start dates refer to the College of Nursing academic calendar.

** Rolling - indicates the decisions will be made on individual basis upon completion of admission process.

RN-BS (Fall)April 1, 2016N/ARollingAugustJanuary 1, 2016
CNMFebruary 15, 2016August 1, 2015
BS-Traditional October 7, 2016November 16, 2015January 15thJune August 1, 2016
BS-UCANJune 1, 2016July 21, 2016September 15thJanuary March 1, 2016
RN-BS (Spring) October 1, 2016N/A RollingJanuary July 1, 2016
MS, Post BS-DNP, Post-Graduate Certificate, Post-Masters Certificate (PMC), DNP, CNM (Fall 2017)January 15, 2017April 2016 (MS, Post BS-DNP Direct Care Options), February 23, 2016 (CNM)May 1stAugust September 1, 2016
MS, Post BS-DNP, Post-Graduate Certificate, Post-Masters Certificate, DNP (Spring) June 15, 2016August 28, 2015 (MS, Post BS-DNP Direct Care Options)September 30January February 1, 2016
PhDFebruary 15thTBDMay 1stAugust