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CU College of Nursing - Research Stories

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ORS New Research

New Research

Office of Research and Scholarship

College of Nursing faculty are involved in interesting, relevant, and diverse research initiatives. Read about some of them below.



C-P.A.W.W. joins with community partners who provide support for our military, advances evidence-based practice protocols in military-related clinical settings, and promotes the delivery of culturally congruent and competent care for military members.


Healthy Lifestyles

A healthy lifestyle includes biobehavioral factors such as good nutrition, increased physical activity/reduced inactivity, and adequate sleep. While genetics, gender, ethnic variation, socioeconomic status, and the physical environment have an impact on these factors, interventions that target one or more of these aspects of a healthy lifestyle result in enhanced prevention, improved treatment, and better quality of life for individuals with many chronic illnesses.


Nursing Informatics and Collaborative E-Health (NICE)

The Nursing Informatics and Collaborative E-Health (NICE) Research Core was established at the University of Colorado College of Nursing in November 2013 to increase informatics research capacity within the University of Colorado system and provide informatics consulting expertise to health-related projects in research and practice settings.


Home/in-clinic patient oriented workflow (HiPOW)

Management of chronic health conditions involves activities that take place in both formal healthcare settings and informal settings. This study will contribute to the growing understanding of workflow in health care settings as a foundation for health IT design. The unique contribution will be to understand flows across two distinct loci of health care.