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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing
Alumni Association Board Retreat

Alumni Association

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We invite you to join us as a member of the University of Colorado College of Nursing Alumni Association (CONAA). We are proud of the work we are doing to help College of Nursing students, our fellow alumni and our alma mater.

Our Alumni Association supports the programs and activities listed on the side of this page. Members of the Alumni Association enjoy benefits such as access to the beautiful new Health Sciences Library and the ability to connect with other alumni from the College of Nursing.

Your support allows the College of Nursing Alumni Association to make an even greater impact on the lives of nurses and nursing students in Colorado.

For as little as $35 annually, you will make a major difference. Become a member through our secure Web site today.

CONAA Membership 

Membership Information

Find out more information about CONAA membership eligibility.

Association Benefits 

Association Benefits

What do you receive by becoming a member? Find out the benefits.

Association Activities 

Association Activities

Find out more about the association, who we are and what we’re doing.

Board of Directors 

Board of Directors

The CONAA Board of Directors leads the activities of the association.