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Recent CSD Alumni

Alumni of the University of Colorado Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development Ph.D. Program can be found in research labs, biotech companies, and universities around the country.


Ph.D. Recipient Date Degree Conferred Thesis Advisor Current Position
​John Schiel ​December, 2012 ​Rytis Prekeris ​​Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Massachussetts
Dr. Steve Doxsey's Lab
​Aaron Huebner ​December, 2012 ​Dennis Roop ​Postdoctoral Fellow
Harvard Medical School
Dr. Konrad Hochedlinger's Lab
Brittany Allen-Petersen
May, 2012 Mary Reland Postdoctoral Fellow
Oregon Health & Sciences Univ
Dr. Rosalie Sears' Lab
Francie Barron
May, 2012 David Clouthier Postdoctoral Fellow
Stanford University
Dr. Joseph Wu's Lab
Jennifer Ikle
May, 2012 David Clouthier MSTP Clinical Core
Ying Zhang
May, 2012 Lee Niswander Postdoctoral Fellow
Harvard School of Medicine
Dr. Richard Maas' Lab
Tariq Adwan
August, 2011 Mary Reyland Postdoctoral Fellow
Univ Colorado Denver
Dr. Mary Reyland's Lab
Ha Nguyen
May, 2011 Linda Barlow Hanoi Medical University
Lai Kuan Goh
December, 2010 Alexander Sorkin  
David McKean
December, 2010 Lee Niswander Postdoctoral Fellow
Harvard Medical School
Seidman Lab, Dept of Genetics
Jian Jing May, 2010 Rytis Prekeris Postdoctoral Fellow
National Jewish Med Research Ctr
Dr. David Schwartz Lab
Danielle Harlow May, 2009 Linda Barlow Postdoctoral Fellow
Dept of CDB, Dr. Wendy Macklin Lab
Glenn Simon December, 2008 Rytis Prekeris Postdoctoral Fellow
Dept of Pediatrics -IDDRC
Roslyn Bauer December, 2008 John Hutton JoVE (Journal Visualized Experiments)
Sommerville, MA
Agne Taraseviciute(MSTP) May, 2008
(MD, 5/2010)
Peter Jones Residency
University of Texas
Dept of Pediatrics
Christiana Chao (MSTP) May, 2007
(MD, 5/2009)
Sussel Residency
Univ of Washington-Seattle
Dept of Pediatrics
James Earl (MSTP) May, 2006
(MD, 5/2008)
Steve Britt Residency
Univ of California-Irvine
Dept of Ophthalmology
Mike Humphries December, 2005 Mary Reyland Staff Scientist
Array BioPharma
Boulder, CO
Denise Birkholz August, 2005 Steve Britt Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Tech
Jay Gatlin May, 2005 Karl Pfenninger Assistant Professor
Univ Wyoming-Laramie
Dept of Botony & Molecular Bio
Alex Lublin May, 2005 Tom Evans Instructor
Mt. Sinai Hospital,NY
Dept of Neuroscience
David Kent December, 2004 Joan Hooper Postdoctoral Fellow
Univ of Utah
Jennifer Gillette May, 2004 Sheila Nielsen-Preiss Assistant Professor
Univ New Mexico School of Medicine
Dept of Pathology
Scott Barbee May, 2004 Tom Evans Assistant Professor
Univ of Denver
Dept of Biological Sciences
Cindy Yee May, 2003 Tom Finger Research Scientist
San Francisco, CA
James Witowsky December, 2002 Johnson Research Institute of Molecular Pathology
Vienna, Austria
Luis Miranda May, 2002 Alex Franzusoff Postdoctoral Fellow
Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr/Harvard, Boston, MA
Josh Hall (MSTP) December, 2001
(MD, 5/2003)
Tom Finger Private Practice
Psychiatric & Behavioral Health Clinic
Poway, CA
Keith Mikule August, 2001 Karl Pfenninger ArQule Biomedical Institute, Inc.
Norwood, MA
Russ Bowler (MSTP) August, 2001
(MD, 1993, UCSF)
James Crapo Assistant Professor
National Jewish Med Research Ctr
Dept of Pulmonary/Critical Care
Christine Wu May, 2001 Howell/Neville Assistant Professor
UC Anschutz Medical Campus
Dept of Pharmacology