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University of Colorado Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics


Susan Brozowski
Director of Finance
& Business Administration

RC1 South, L18-10102
(303) 724-3202 ​​


Gina Langfield
Post Award Specialist

RC1 South, L18-10103
(303) 724-3222

Anna Vazquez
Pre Award/Payroll Specialist

RC1 South, L18-10101
(303) 724-1161

Karen Vockrodt
Finance Accounting Senior Professional
RC1 South, L18-10101
(303) 724-3200
Lindsay Quandt
Administrative Assistant

​RC1 South, L18-10101
(303) 724-3201


Calvin Ly
Department LAN Administrator/IT Specialist

RC1 North, P18-6112
(303) 724-3561