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GLOM•MAP is a toolbox written for the MATLAB development enviroment. Since GLOM•MAP was written for MATLAB, it works equally as well on the PC as on the MAC. GLOM•MAP consists of two components: 1. OBS can be used to map the location of glomeruli in transverse sections of the olfactory bulb. 2. GDB can be used to transform the OBS data and to analyze the collected glomerular activity data. This data can be scored and mapped in the radial and anterio-posterior dimensions as discussed in Salcedo et al, 2005.

Mapping Toolbox for Matlab: obshome

Preferences Toolbox (required for the Mapping Toolbox): objlib

Data Analysis toolbox for Matlab: gdb2f (updated 05/03/2011)

User Guide: glom_map_2_ug

Installation. After downloading the files, unzip each file and move the uzipped directory to the MATLAB work directory. You then need to add the directory paths of these folders to the MATLAB file path (see the User Guide for more detailed instrucutions).



11/2/2011 1:33 PMSalcedo, Ernesto (C&SB)
5/3/2011 2:17 PMSalcedo, Ernesto (C&SB)
6/26/2010 3:29 PMTwichell, Tonia
5/3/2011 2:17 PMSalcedo, Ernesto (C&SB)
5/3/2011 2:17 PMSalcedo, Ernesto (C&SB)
6/26/2010 3:29 PMTwichell, Tonia