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University of Colorado Cancer Center

University of Colorado Cancer Center, A National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Projects & Preceptors

When you apply to be a Student Cancer Research Fellow, you will select three preceptors/projects you would like to work on during your fellowship and note them on your application. We make every effort to assign you to your first choice but we may need to make alternative assignments based on preceptor availability.

Projects are located in the Denver-metro area, unless otherwise noted on the preceptor's page. Please note: we have researchers in Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs, in addition to the Anschutz Campus. Click on the preceptor's name to see a project description, position prerequisites and number of openings. Please note: Some preceptors are willing to consider you even if you don't meet the required number of years in college.


Cem Altunbas, PhDRadiation OncologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Steve Anderson, PhDMolecular BiologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Kristin Artinger, PhDDevelopmental Regulators of Cancer CellsCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Al Barqawi, MDUrologic OncologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Alison K. Bauer, PhDPulmonary ToxicologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Virginia Borges, MDMedical OncologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Neil Box, PhDOncologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Mair Churchill, PhDMolecular OncologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
E. David Crawford, MDProstate CancerCU Anschutz Medical Campus
James DeGregori, PhDCancerCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Joaquin Espinosa, PhDTranscriptional regulation of gene networks involved in CancerCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Mehdi Fini, MDPulmonary Medicine, Medical Oncology, Aging and CancerCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Thomas Flaig, MDGenitourinary (GU) malignanciesCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Heide Ford, PhDBreast Cancer/Pediatric cancers (Rhabdomyosarcoma/Ewing sarcoma)CU Anschutz Medical Campus
Nicholas Foreman, MDTranslational Research - Molecular Biology in the ClinicCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Mayumi Fujita, MD, PhDMelanoma Research, DermatologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Michael Graner, PhDBrain tumor cell biology and immunology with an emphasis on extracellular vesicles/exosomes, immunotherapy, and biomarkers.CU Anschutz Medical Campus
Adam Green, MDPediatric Neuro-OncologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann, MDMolecular BiologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Lynn Heasley, PhDLung, Head, and Neck CancerCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Fred Hirsch, MD, PhDLung Cancer BiologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Aaron Johnson, PhDMolecular OncologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Ken Jones, PhDBioinformatics, clinical diagnostics based on genomic assessmentsCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Sana Karam, MD, PhDHead and Neck Cancer, CNS cancerCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Shi-Long Lu, MD, PhDHead/Neck cancer, Lung cancer CU Anschutz Medical Campus
Traci Lyons, PhDMedical OncologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Stephen Malkoski, MD, PhDPulmonary and Critical Care MedicineCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Tobias Neff, PhDAcute LeukemiaCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Dohun Pyeon, PhDHuman Papillomavirus-associated CancersCU Anschutz Medical Campus
Mary Reyland, PhDCancer BiologyCU Anschutz Medical Campus
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Jane E. B. Reusch, PhDEndocrinologyVeterans Affairs Medical Center
James Hagman, PhDOncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes, Gene Regulation and Transcription FactorsNational Jewish Health
J. Lucas Argueso, PhDGenetic Recombination / DNA repair / Genomics Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Daniel L. Gustafson, PhDPharmacology/Cancer Biology/Experimental Therapeutics   Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Elizabeth Ryan, PhDComplementary and Alternative Medicine, Cancer Immunology, Dietary Interventions, Colon cancer control and preventionColorado State University, Fort Collins

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