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School of Medicine Branch in Colorado Springs

Increasing the Number of Physicians Trained in Colorado

To better serve the needs of our students and community, the University of Colorado School of Medicine has established a branch in Colorado Springs.

In August 2014, the School of Medicine began enrolling 184 students annually in its MD program, increasing the class size from 160 students enrolled each year. The high caliber of applicants allows the School to expand its class size while remaining highly competitive.

The branch will provide clinical-training opportunities for third- and fourth-year medical students. During their first two years at the School, students will complete basic science training on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora and then move to Colorado Springs for clinical training in 2016. 

Newly constructed facilities at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus will provide office space for the School of Medicine branch administration.

What’s Next?

We’re enhancing this site to answer your questions related to the expansion. Check back soon for:

  • What current and potential students can expect
  • Faculty opportunities and announcements
  • Profile of the Colorado Springs Branch Associate Dean
  • Details about the Colorado Springs community and the training opportunities available there

Media should direct questions to Mark Couch, Director of Communications, at 303-724-5377.​  


Students and faculty from the CU School of Medicine and CU Colorado Springs will team up in August for the Poverty Immersion in Colorado Springs project to better understand the community's health care needs.
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