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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

General Practice Residency (GPR)

Introduction to the GPR Program

Our General Practice Residency program is dedicated to ensuring that residents get the best possible experience that will enable them to provide oral healthcare not only to the general public but also to patients who are medically compromised or have special needs—and to gain that experience in hospital settings, in private offices, or in public health clinics.

With oral health and systemic health so vitally connected, general dentists are expected to serve as important members of the health care team.

Part of the General Practice Residency program’s mission is to provide oral health care to underserved individuals, whether they be medically indigent or medically complex, and to those who may find it difficult to receive care in their private community.


Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the General Practice Residency Graduate Program at the CU School of Dental Medicine

Graduate Program 

Graduate Program

Learn about the goals and objectives of the General Practice Residency Program


Curriculum - Program Clinical Rotations

Learn about the clinical rotations students will be exposed to as part of the General Practice Residency Program

Admissions Requirements 

Admission Requirements

Learn about the admission criteria and requirements for the General Practice Residency Program

Admissions Procedures 

Admission Procedures

Learn about the application deadlines and contact information for the General Practice Residency Program


Financial Information 

Financial Information

Benefits and insurance for residents and their dependents

Contact Information 

Contact Information

Contact the General Practice Residency Program to get answers to your questions

Residency Management 

Residency Management

Stay organized by managing your appointments online