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Faculty & Staff Directory

Alexander Engau, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office Location: AB1-4223
Phone: (303) 315-1719

Areas of Expertise:
Operations Research, Optimization

Education & Degrees

Ph.D., M.S., Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, 2007

M.S., Management Mathematics (Wirtschaftsmathematik), University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2005

Vordiplom, Economathematics (Wirtschaftsmathematik), Dresden University of Technology, Germany, 2002


Alexander Engau has recently joined the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at University of Colorado Denver as Assistant Professor in Operations Research and Optimization and is co-appointed as Visiting Assistant Professor in Operations Research and Management Sciences in the Faculty of Engineering at University of Waterloo. An alumnus of the National German Merit Foundation, Alexander studied management mathematics and operations research at TU Dresden and Kaiserslautern, Germany (Diploma 05) and Clemson University, USA (MS 04, PhD 07), and subsequently spent a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Management Sciences at Waterloo, Canada. His research focuses on the theory and methodology of mathematical programming, optimization, and decision making with a particular interest in interior-point methods and semidefinite relaxations for combinatorial optimization, and has appeared in journals like Management Science, European Journal of Operations Research, and Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications. Also in his spare time Alexander keeps busy with music, sports, and exploring the outdoors.

Select Publications

Book Chapters
Engau, A., "Decomposition-Coordination Methods for Complex Decision Problems," In: Zopounidis, C. and Pardalos, P.M. (Eds.), Handbook of Multicriteria Analysis, Applied Optimization Series, Vol. 103, 1st Edition., Springer, July 2010.

Engau, A., "Nonlinear Multiobjective Programming," In: Cochran, J.J. (Editor-in-Chief), Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, Fall 2010.

Engau, A., "Recent Progress in Interior-Point Methods: Warm Starts and Cutting-Plane Methods," In: Anjos, M.F. and Lasserre, J. (Eds.), Handbook of Cone, Polynomial, and Semidefinite Optimization, Springer.

Journal Articles

Engau, A., Anjos, M., Vannelli, A., "On interior-point warmstarts for linear and combinatorial optimization," SIAM Journal on Optimization, 20(4):1828-1861, February 2010

Engau, A., "Tradeoff-based decomposition and decision-making in multiobjective programming," European Journal of Operational Research, 199(3):883-891, December 2009

Engau, A., and Wiecek, M.M., "Interactive coordination of objective decompositions in multiobjective programming," Management Science, 54(7):1350-1363, July 2008

Engau, A., and Wiecek, M.M., "2D decision making for multicriteria design optimization," Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 34(4):301-315, October 2007

Engau, A., and Wiecek, M.M., "Cone characterizations of approximate solutions in real vector optimization," Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 134(3):499-513, September 2007

Courses Taught

Math 1401: Calculus I

Math 5490: Network Flows

Math 5593: Linear Programming

Math 7593: Advanced Linear Programming