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About Us


About Us

English majors learn to synthesize information and to present their ideas and opinions skillfully. They find employment in fields in which the sophisticated use of language is necessary for advancement. Many graduates go on to postgraduate study, not only in writing, film studies and literature, but to schools of medicine, law, education, journalism and business.

Why English

Why English

The course of study offered by the Department of English is designed to develop your ability to read literature responsibly and imaginatively, to foster your understanding of and appreciation for our literary heritage and to provide the historical perspective from which you can evaluate contemporary writing. Students who complete the program in English are expected to have mastered the ability to express their ideas in clear, succinct prose.


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A vibrant academic program in a vibrant city: When and where to get involved with the department, the college and the campus.

English Professors usually publish their own events or functions on their sites. Please refer to "Faculty" sites.


English Instructor for International College at Beijing

The UCD English Department has opportunities for instructors to teach in the Composition Program at International College at Beijing.