Live Demo

Demo the embedded system via adding, editing, cancelling, and/or temporarily editing sessions via the Admin Console to the right.

NOTE: Sessions will be automatically deleted 5 minutes after their creation for demo purposes.

Adding Sessions

Create new sessions via the console by specifying:

  1. Subject for the session
  2. Course(s) covered by the session
  3. Modality of the session (in-person or zoom)
  4. the Host of the session
  5. the Day of the week for the session
  6. Start and End times
  7. Additional information
    1. Keywords (these improve the system's internal search feature)
    2. Resources (attachment for users to access when viewing the session)
    3. Additional Details (heading and body to describe the session. Also improve the search feature)
    4. Hyperlink (Required for zoom sessions)
    5. Signage URL (This images shows up for the session on Digital Signage)
  8. Location (Add a custom location for the session)


Dive Deeper

Here I will leave some written explanations of the system, the process, embed the comparison video super sped up, possibly on autoplay looping, and anything else incase the user is curious and wants more info.